Sunday, December 7, 2008

OJ Simpson going down, Guilty

Well it looks like the OJ has lost his juice as he just has been found guilty on the charges he was facing of armed robbery along with kidnapping. His sentence is supposed to be at least 9 years in prison for him.

My take on this is that for one OJ must be losing his marbles if he actually thought he didn’t commit a crime by busting into a hotel room with a gun like he “The Man” I mean seriously though I find the thought of that rather wacky.

Now, as for the amount of time they giving him “Pay Back” yes that’s right and that’s my opinion as we are all entitled to one. The Judge and jurors can say what they want but I think otherwise. Who did he hurt and what did he steal? His own belongings???

He got off the hook on the previous double homicide charges in the past with his ex wife and all, if he was guilty or innocent obviously there was never enough solid evidence. He didn’t get sentenced to prison then but he’s well on his way now. I do think he brought certain things upon himself though writing a book “If I did it” and all, ridiculous to me. Well OJ perhaps you got what you wanted for whatever reason. I guess he now figured out its not always a good
thing trying /being in the spotlight.

Shame on it all OJ "The Juice".


Anonymous said...

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MakingMoney said...

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