Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Dinner with or without the TV?

I recall when I was growing up we always ate dinner together as a family gathered around the kitchen table. This rubbed off onto me and my family as well. When dinner is ready we all eat together in the kitchen. I have dinner ready 8 out of 10 times when my husband gets home from work. Since he pretty much makes it home at the same time everyday I pace my cooking times accordingly so that we can wait for him to make it home and for us all to have dinner together at the kitchen table.

The only thing different with me and my family versus my family when I was growing up is that we had a TV in our kitchen. A little small 13” color TV, yike’s you rarely even see TV’s that small nowadays. We don’t have a TV in our kitchen and nor do we branch off to separate parts of the house to eat dinner or watch TV while eating dinner. After dinner we can all go whatever way we want, it’s not that I hold anyone hostage during dinner time but I firmly believe in a family sitting down together for dinner minus the TV so dinner time is family time with us.

I understand not everyone is able to be compatible with their daily schedules, busy lifestyles and work hours or whatever but what do you think about dinner time with the TV is it on or off for your family? Do you gather together for dinner or does everyone eat wherever they choose?


attygnorris said...

Ideally, our TV should be off during dinner BUT I'm ashamed to admit that we don't cut it off. :(


MakingMoney said...

Attygnorris, so you guilty huh? Lol! Get out of that TV during dinner and have some quiet, calm conversation / family time :)shame on you!!

ciara said...

if we're not all doing something, it's always at the table with t.v. off. eating dinner in front of the t.v. also helps contribute to weight gain. i like the whole quiet time and conversation thing best except for when my husband won't give us SOME quiet time w his constant questioning lol guess it's because he's gone 12 hours a day and it's his only time to catch up.

MakingMoney said...

Ciara, I think it's great to eat a quiet dinner while having some family chit chat. Lol at the Husband having the most chatter. Gotta love him though he could just go plop in front of that darn tv, lol!