Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Friday, February 20, 2009

Recovering from a rough week

I’m here all, and thanks to those that gave me a visit or dropped by my blog this week. I had to take some downtime and although I’m still not back up to speed I’m getting there.

Where shall I start? I came down with something and I been sick, I did fairly well though through the winter and tending to the kids when they got sick but it was no escaping me this time, kiddo’s are okay thank goodness other than a small cough from little one, he’s been rigorously taking his asthma treatments. Hubby not feeling too well himself so we been lysoling the place up behind ourselves.

Fell a bit behind in school, I’m supposed to turn in assignments and met with my teacher for a 15 minute session once a week since I’m doing self taught learning courses this semester aside from my Saturday class. My appointment was for this past Monday but I didn’t make it because not only was I sick, but both my parents were as well along with Presidents Day and no school for the boys so I was out of luck being sick myself plus no babysitter. I was already a week behind in this class when it started because my youngest went into the hospital with his asthma the same week this class started up, missing my first meet and orientation and now after this week I’m actually two weeks behind now. I kept moving ahead with my assignments though so hopefully they’ll get accepted.

My bones is sore, my muscles is aching, my ears are ringing and my head is pounding along with congestion, burning eyes and sore throat, can it get any worse?

My computer information class started out as a campus class but I dropped it the first week after reading through the syllabus and realizing I wasn’t going to be able to pull it off by the teachers standards and strict attendance policy of x amount of tardiness or absences equal automatically removal from the class by him. Again I missed this first day of class with my son's Dr. appt. I did stay after class to see just how stern he was and mentioned to him that I knew I wouldn’t be able to pull off the best attendance but that I would still try my best to have all work turned in on time or early to try to pull an A from the class, explained my household situation of raising a child with special needs and not knowing one day from the next, just as I have always done with any employer or educator, I feel me being honest upfront works best as my flexibility is often limited, anyway it didn’t fly with him. No exceptions made for me and I understand I don’t go around expecting special treatment, but at least after being honest and open up front I have always found to work better so in the event of my absent for a longer than usual time frame won't be a major shock and can be expected plus it leaves the door open as to how to go about if I’ll be the right employee or student or team mate for any group assignments etc.. Anywho, no problem I just dropped the class for fear of being dropped to take the class self taught on my own time and pace mostly. Therefore I got a new syllabus and once again a behind schedule start for this class as well. By the way when my son went into the hospital that time away from class would have had me already dropped from the class, so I’m glad I dropped the class.

I have really been catching hell this week trying to get myself caught up before mid terms and fight through this sickness. To make things worse my main pc has been infected with a virus and I’m getting the blue screen of death. I already had firewall, antivirus, spy ware detection and firewall running so how I got infected is beyond me.

Valentines Day went fine nothing major as it’s honestly just another day. We went out for dinner as a family which is the norm because again a sitter for us is slim to none and we have just accepted the fact and adapted to it, so it’s no longer disappointing for us, when we already know what to expect. That was about that we enjoyed the dinner out and break from cooking and doing dishes afterward.

Unfortunately I really like entrecard and I haven’t been active since my main pc caught the virus b/c I need my laptop for school and can’t take the chance of getting a virus on this one. I will try to continue to drop from my favorite’s but since I will no longer be using the toolbar and multiple tabs I don’t know how active I’ll remain, I’ll have to update you with this one, for now whenever I do it will definitely be only from my fav’s and I’ll overlook them and at least make sure I got all my fav’s and if I’m missing anyone I’ll have to add them in. Not to say I in fact got this virus from dropping but I know I have dropped over a few blogs that either mentioned they caught a virus or stopped a malicious script and I do recall seeing a warning about this before in the past as well, but with multiple tabs open I haven’t an honest clue. Other than then the kids and I both play online games occasionally but we’ve been doing this for years with no problem and I do ptc programs but again been doing this for awhile and lately only been using laptop for them, so as far as visiting new site’s I do that most often when ec dropping.

Be careful make sure all securities is updated and running and use them often. I can’t believe I got infected with all I have installed, but so well for that, so yes my pc is currently still down. As for school I still have some catching up to do but I just wanted to say I’m still here haven’t left blogging but I’m tremendously busy with school this semester and it’s not going as easy of a breeze as it once was so I have to dedicate more of my time into studying at the moment, plus kids after school activities twice a week has started back up for this season and somewhere in between this all falls cooking and household duties so yea, I’m pretty swamped right now in general.

Wishing everyone a great weekend and sorry I’ve been inactive with my blog and reading and dropping by yours, but I have to prioritize and don’t ask where my great ability of multi tasking went? Let me check and see if it flew out the window :) Yes, I think it did I guess sooner or later it’ll come back to me ;)

Monday, February 9, 2009

My surprise visit

I hope you enjoy animals and the wildlife if you don’t, then don’t scroll down too much farther because I’ve posted some pictures that I took from my surprise visit with an opossum. I caught the little stinker in my backyard early in the afternoon on a rather sunny winter day.

I have seen them before in my yard but typically it was only during the dark nights, so this was not only the first time I saw one in my yard during the daytime but it also stayed for about a good 30 minutes visit. I was just watching and watching for a few moments. Then, I ran for my camera to snap me some shot’s to show the hubby and boy’s so they wouldn’t think I was going nuts by mentioning that I saw an opossum in the yard in the winter while it was still daylight.

It must have been really hungry and out looking for food. Winter is the hardest season for them because many of them starve to death during the cold freezes making it hard for them to find food. A sight to see it was and it even left us his gross um I’d rather not say but stuff behind. I’m just snapping away until I saw why it sat in one spot so long, and then yea, got it on film, eww.

I got some pretty good shot’s of the wildlife, but it tickled me pink when I thought I was going to get a nicer close up as it kept coming closer towards the home. Yeah right, I zoomed in and ended up startling myself, so that was the end of the picture’s. I haven’t seen anymore from it so I guess it’s gone along it's trail.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

What’s in a screen name?

Okay I thought I would make this post in regards to screen names being that I’ve run into rather more trouble leaving comments on some blogs than I would have cared for. I know this is ten times most likely due to the fact that my screen name / user name contains the word money. I know a name of MakingMoney does sound rather spammy I must admit this myself. That’s why I recently started leaving Naye at the bottom of my comments to sound more personal. Sometimes I forget to add it, if anyone knows how to make it always appear when I comment please share that tip with me in the comments here and thanks in advance if you could be of any help with this.

I have tried leaving comments on some blogs that I really enjoy reading or ran upon a post I found quite interesting and wanted to comment, only to waist my little precious time leaving a comment then noticing it wasn’t going through. This is even after going through the verification of me not being a spammer, just to get accused of being one anyways. I think some blogs just automatically throw me out to the dogs as a spam comment leaver and I end up in that number that says this is how many spam comments we have caught to date for your blog, lol.

Oh well what’s a girl to do. The name is here and I’ve been using for a long time now. The history behind the name is that I made it when I first signed up with my blog account. So, I had it long before creating My Random Day here. I made it when I first created my you should know what type of blogs?? Yep, you guessed it making money, lol, although I haven't added anything new in over a month with them besides a few updates.

I've seen some rather unique screen names out there. So, if you wouldn’t mind sharing I would love to know what lead up to the screen name you blog with?