Monday, February 9, 2009

My surprise visit

I hope you enjoy animals and the wildlife if you don’t, then don’t scroll down too much farther because I’ve posted some pictures that I took from my surprise visit with an opossum. I caught the little stinker in my backyard early in the afternoon on a rather sunny winter day.

I have seen them before in my yard but typically it was only during the dark nights, so this was not only the first time I saw one in my yard during the daytime but it also stayed for about a good 30 minutes visit. I was just watching and watching for a few moments. Then, I ran for my camera to snap me some shot’s to show the hubby and boy’s so they wouldn’t think I was going nuts by mentioning that I saw an opossum in the yard in the winter while it was still daylight.

It must have been really hungry and out looking for food. Winter is the hardest season for them because many of them starve to death during the cold freezes making it hard for them to find food. A sight to see it was and it even left us his gross um I’d rather not say but stuff behind. I’m just snapping away until I saw why it sat in one spot so long, and then yea, got it on film, eww.

I got some pretty good shot’s of the wildlife, but it tickled me pink when I thought I was going to get a nicer close up as it kept coming closer towards the home. Yeah right, I zoomed in and ended up startling myself, so that was the end of the picture’s. I haven’t seen anymore from it so I guess it’s gone along it's trail.


Nique said...

They have so many in the city now!! Wait to you see the pregnant ones. They're huge and sorry to say, nasty looking. When they have their babies, they curl on their papa's back so they look like furry humps on his back. Nice pics, glad I wasn't there.

♥georgie♥ said...

now theres something you dont see everyday was he/she eating the snow?

Michelle said...

We have many of these little guys around our house too. Of course I live in the country. They scare me to death. I had one attack one of my dogs several years ago. Mean little devil's. Thanks for sharing.

MakingMoney said...

Nique, oh garsh I so don't want to see a pregnant one, nor the papa thing, lol. You just never know what you'll see either city country or suburb these day's with all the new build up's going on. Lions, tigers and bears oh my! :D

georgie, I guess it was but then again it could have been searching for food, what a sight it was!

Michelle, my dog ran upon one before too. The little thing was showing teeth and hissing at my dog, this was at night though. We, or should I say the hubby went out to get our dog b/c he had it cornered and I wasn't going out there to get him, lol too afraid!!

attygnorris said...

Oh, you really did get some good shots. He looks so cute--unlike the ones I see lying on the side of the road after being run over by a car.


Lin said...

Oh, I think they are sweet. They only eat garbage, you know. Scavengers. They avoid contact with humans at all costs and don't do you any harm unless you harm them. Like raccoons, they have learned to live with humans and we cannot fault them.

I just posted pictures of my own oppossum yesterday. Mine came out on a warm day too, except I leave out veggie scraps for him. They are mostly vegetation and nut eaters, and garbage when nothing else is available. They don't kill other animals to eat--they are just scavengers.

Okay, so the tail is nasty, but don't they have the sweetest eyes and pink button nose?!

Cashmere said...

Awww... It's cute..
I'm serious, some of you may disagree but I really think so.. :)

Andrea Singer said...

Awe!!! I had no idea they could be cute, but those pictures you took are! By the way, thank you for the comment on my blog about by brother :)

MakingMoney said...

Davida, thanks it was funsnapping the shot's. The one's on the side of the road be a horrible site, poor things.

Lin, yes that tail is what grosses me. I think the pic snapped on my deck is kind of cute it looks like it's asking me to let it in, lol. Gotta check out your photo's.

Cashmere, aww... we'll you know some people are more loving towards animals than others. Of course I wouldn't harm the thing but I don't care to see it much either, I'll rather view the bunny rabbits :)

Andrea, you're quite welcome! Thanks a lot I'm no photographer but was amused by my visitor!


YummY! said...

Awesome visitor! I've had possums in my yard, but only at night. I live in the middle of a city. When I lived in the country, we had one get in our house and start eating our dogfood.

They would also raid the hen-house for eggs and even kill chickens.

Cacai_Nad said...

ohhhh.. wow! I love animals! I thought the name os this is pasam hehehe.. I misheard it from my hubby, so it's opposum. Thanks for the info. We have it in our ceiling before but now it's gone, I saw it once crawling outside in the apartment complex we rent, that's why I figured out and can relate and have some info about the name. Thanks. Nice one! keep blogging!

MakingMoney said...

YummY, yes same with me I see them at night quite a lot. In the house oh my, what a sight I'm sure that was, wow!

Cacai_Nad, guess I'll say I'm lucky, never one in the ceiling, just outdoors. You welcome for the info and thanks I will be keeping with blogging :)