Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Matt Giraud gets the American Idol save

I love watching American Idol and I’m sure some of you already know this! Well, it always seems to get good once it gets down in the number of contestants. I honestly have to say that the voting so far this season has surprisingly been right on. I have been agreeing with the outcome of the voting so far. Even as I watched tonight, I feel the bottom three, was the bottom three in the competition.

Something newly introduced this season was the judges save. Apparently, after so many great singers were voted off way to early like Chris Daughtry, and Jennifer Hudson. Both of whom are doing their thing in the industry. Speaking of Jennifer Hudson, (Oscar and Grammy winner) she performed on Idol tonight, and she really did look and sound nice. She has lost lots of weight, and her makeup was cute! She overcame a lot with the tragic loss of her loved one’s, and will soon be getting married. I think she was having trouble with her ear piece tonight though, as she kept reaching at her ear.

Back to the save thing, Lil Rounds and Matt Giraud were the bottom two. With two weeks remaining for the judges to use their magical save they chose to use it tonight with Matt,

as Lil was saved by the votes, along with Anoop. It shocked me though; I felt they could have held on to it. The competition is getting fierce and now the pressure is on as two will go next week. I have been a fan of Danny Gokey and Lil Rounds since the auditions, but both of them, in my opinion are just staying the same, with no new sparks, nor surprises. I still look forward to seeing them, because they can sing, darn well!! Just gotta put more personality in their performance to me. My top two favorites are Allison, at 16 years old, major talent. I just love her hair color, not everyone can rock it, but it’s fitting on her. Then come’s the amazingly talented Adam, he had to grow on me, but when he performed and transformed that Smokey Robinson song, he showed another side of him that blew me away, mad raw talent, love him! Even earned a standing ovation from Smokey himself!!

Oh and then there’s Chris, who? Oh Chris, yea I almost forgot about him, him nor Matt stand out at all to me, but I’m no judge. Anoop is alright, he is doing better than he was at first. And that’s my take with the latest on American Idol, and don’t forget to vote your favorite through, if you watch it!! To be continued…..

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Spring Break Vacation

We surely a great vacation in itself just escaping the spring snowy weathers her in IL to the hot 80 degree, but nice weather in Florida. Things went smooth sailing and I couldn't have asked for more. Our flight was nice and landed on time, rental van was ready for pick up when we arrived, and the keys to the town home villa we rented were ready for us upon arrival.

We got a standard model Chrysler town and country, which was nice and spacious. The resort we booked with in Kississimme was a good deal for the price and value on a budget. 3 star rating the outside could use some updating but the inside was nice. Driving to everything was a breeze with all the tourist friendly road signs on the highways. Everything was nearby, grocery store and walmart one block up and within 15 minutes of all the parks. Two bedrooms, two bathrooms, two floors, living room with sleeper sofa, enclosed screened patio, full kitchen with every appliance one can need. From the blender, toaster, coffee pot, skillets, pans, dessert bowls, silverware, and on and on. Three t’v’s total so my boys enjoyed their own TV in their room. I don’t even think hubby nor I watched the one in our bedroom, too tired from all the heat and walking to lay in bed watching TV.

The parks we visited were Seaworld, we all loved the show from Shamu, the killer whale. We didn’t do the whole Walt Disney World Resort of parks, but we did do Magic Kingdom, where we got to take a picture with Mickey and Minnie, which was cute and worth the wait in line. Next up, was Universal Studios and the first ride we rode was the Simpson's, very fun ride. Next day was Universals Island of Adventures, which was just okay and we all thought the same. It is definitely more so for the older crowd as they have several roller coasters for the thrill seekers. My boys did enjoy the Dr. Seuss themed area and rides though, Spiderman was fun too. So, we didn’t spend much time there, but it was included in our 2 for 1 park ticket price, so it was cool. We went on a high speed race late at night to FunTown, and drove the Go Karts, lol! Next up was our visit to Busch Gardens theme park / zoo in Tampa, FL about a hour from Orlando. It was a nice and relaxing day filled with mostly site seeing with the animals, the train ride, and rhino rally tour through the jungle and up close encounters with the animals. We dared not even attempt the crazy and extreme roller coaster’s there. I ride coasters occasionally, but I can also have a great time without them. Especially, when it comes to the extreme one’s. Finally, last but not least we did some shopping. So many different spot’s don’t even ask me to recall them all. I do remember the outlets in Buena Vista, and the Prime Outlet Mall, which was a really nice shopping trip. I wish we had a Victoria Secret outlet near us, I was in there having lot’s of fun, lol.

Time to go home and “oh no, can’t we live here in Florida” was the response from the kids, lol! We had a great time and the favorite park for us by show of hands was Universal Studios. Tired and restless we made it home. Epsom salt, Epsom salt, and more Epsom salt cause the dogs were tired on hubby, and the calf’s of mine were calling for it, lol. A early bed night for the boys did the trick for them, yet we were still recovering. Had a great vacation!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Two lovely awards for me

I received not one but two awards some time ago, that I've neglected to post. I was awarded these from a fellow blogging friend Andrea over at Mom Writer Me, thanks Andrea! Great blog she has! I appreciate you passing these both on to me, and excuse my lateness in getting these posted. I know I'm bending the rules of receiving these awards a bit, but being as inactive as I've been I would like to pass these on to all my readers. I have so much catching up to do, and I want to thank all my continued readers with both of these. Thanks again Andrea!

The first is for blogs that:

"are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends. They are not interested in self-aggrandizement. Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. Please give more attention to these writers. Deliver this award to eight bloggers who must choose eight more and include this cleverly-written text into the body of their award."

The second is:

The rules are:

Name 7 things that you love then pass this onto 7 other bloggers.

(No particular order) -

My family
My dog
The Wii
vacations :D

At one point I was attempting to showcase all the awards that have been passed on to me in a tab of it's own. Needless to say, I couldn't figure it out lol. I got the awards tab to appear up top on my menu bar, but once clicked it only comes back to my homepage, without an award in site. My hat goes off to so many talented bloggers that just have their blogs laid out to the tee, when I grow up I want to be just like you!!! :)

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

My scattered thoughts

Hello, me again, still here! :) I just wanted to pop in today with some of my random (scattered) thoughts. One things for sure is that the blogosphere is forever changing. With the bat of an eye it almost seems something new has emerged or something that was once popular has changed. Not quite sure if these things occur for the better or the worst.

I have long lost my popularity ranking with entrecard sine my dropping rate has significantly declined. In fact my profile reads just here for the view, at the most I was once a dedicated dropper with a hint of addiction. I decided not to leave entrecard in it's entirety. Mainly because there are many great blogs on there that I enjoy reading, so why not drop and read with them as time allows. Anyways I logged in today for the first time in a bit and was surprised by the amount of pending ad's awaiting my approval. Surprised because I've been inactive and my ranking is way low. I've just learned of the changes with something on the level of paid ad's or so... I approved quite a few just for many more to appear and noticed my earned credits for accepting ad's didn't increase. Don't know how all this is working and I'm a bit lost with all the changes. Guess I have some updates and announcements that I need to read over as a result of my being away....

What's up with all the spring snow? When we left IL to FL it was snow on the ground and we made it down there sporting tanks and shorts in the gorgeous Florida sun and 80 degree weather. How funny it was when we came back home once again to snow on the ground. So, yes we enjoyed our vacation in Orlando and Tampa. I'll be making another post with more details on our vacation and upload some photo's to share. The vacation was much needed and very much enjoyed, we had a great time.

I also discovered that instead of my page rank going down it actually went up. I have a google page rank of 2 now. Don't know how this works either, but I'll gladly accept this finding!! :D