Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Matt Giraud gets the American Idol save

I love watching American Idol and I’m sure some of you already know this! Well, it always seems to get good once it gets down in the number of contestants. I honestly have to say that the voting so far this season has surprisingly been right on. I have been agreeing with the outcome of the voting so far. Even as I watched tonight, I feel the bottom three, was the bottom three in the competition.

Something newly introduced this season was the judges save. Apparently, after so many great singers were voted off way to early like Chris Daughtry, and Jennifer Hudson. Both of whom are doing their thing in the industry. Speaking of Jennifer Hudson, (Oscar and Grammy winner) she performed on Idol tonight, and she really did look and sound nice. She has lost lots of weight, and her makeup was cute! She overcame a lot with the tragic loss of her loved one’s, and will soon be getting married. I think she was having trouble with her ear piece tonight though, as she kept reaching at her ear.

Back to the save thing, Lil Rounds and Matt Giraud were the bottom two. With two weeks remaining for the judges to use their magical save they chose to use it tonight with Matt,

as Lil was saved by the votes, along with Anoop. It shocked me though; I felt they could have held on to it. The competition is getting fierce and now the pressure is on as two will go next week. I have been a fan of Danny Gokey and Lil Rounds since the auditions, but both of them, in my opinion are just staying the same, with no new sparks, nor surprises. I still look forward to seeing them, because they can sing, darn well!! Just gotta put more personality in their performance to me. My top two favorites are Allison, at 16 years old, major talent. I just love her hair color, not everyone can rock it, but it’s fitting on her. Then come’s the amazingly talented Adam, he had to grow on me, but when he performed and transformed that Smokey Robinson song, he showed another side of him that blew me away, mad raw talent, love him! Even earned a standing ovation from Smokey himself!!

Oh and then there’s Chris, who? Oh Chris, yea I almost forgot about him, him nor Matt stand out at all to me, but I’m no judge. Anoop is alright, he is doing better than he was at first. And that’s my take with the latest on American Idol, and don’t forget to vote your favorite through, if you watch it!! To be continued…..


gengen said...

I like American idol too but sadly we do not have TV hehhe. TC

Preston said...

I don't watch American Idol but he looks a little like Justin Timberlake in that pic.

Andrea said...

First, I want to say thank you so much for the very nice comment on my blog, it was just what I needed!!! Second, I too am an American Idol fan and have mixed feelings about last night's show. When the top 36 were chosen, I picked my top 5 and so far 4 of them remain - one of them being Matt. But I am not sure if the save was the right move. Simon was correct as far as I don't think he has a chance of winning the competition so I just really hope that these next two weeks it's not Adam or Danny that get the lowest votes because I do think they could win! Plus, Matt was already saved by the judges originally (he was in that group that they gave another chance to). Kris is who rounds out my top 4 so I will be disappointed if he is the next to get kicked off because I would have rather them used the save for him. Aside from being so cute, hehe, he just has such versatility, every week is different, I never know what to expect - which is what I go for. I would like Lil Rounds and Allison more if they would change it up a bit because they're both good singers but they never surprise me or get me to say "wow!" like Adam & Danny have done. It's also really hard to see their personalities which I hate to say does affect my voting. Lil Rounds always seems mad and Allison is probably just a typical teenager (insecure and a little shy) - both girls are hard to read. So it will be interesting to see who the two are that go next week because I have no idea! I agree that the voting has been right on this year so all of the people that should have gone, have already left. I guess my least fav is Anoop, but he's not a bad singer and he does have versatility, so I'm thinking it could be any of them next week. . .whoever does the worst!

MakingMoney said...

gengen, oh no you're missing the show this season, sorry to hear. TC

Preston, yes he does, and even the judges tell him that.

Andrea, you’re welcome! This is what makes AI so interesting, the fact that everyone has their different favorites on the show!

Next week is definitely going to be whoever does the worst, I think too, as so far that’s how it’s been going. I like Allison because I like her raspy and big voice tone, and she looks like she is enjoying herself on stage. Great energy! Lil on the other hand, has the voice, but her stage presence isn’t great, and hasn’t been ever since her big night of singing Mary J. Blidge. Which, was her R&B as she constantly reminds us, is her feel. She does appear mad at times, but I guess she isn’t taken too well to the continued criticism from the judges, as if she can’t sing. That’s a part of the competition though; you have to handle it, to make it.

I just don’t hear to well with Matt, nor Chris, to vote for either of them, not once in the competition actually. :( Anoop, sounded good in auditions, and then lost me with a few bad songs, and now he is trying to return, but will it be too late for him? Still, not one of the best at all to me though.

Danny and Adam both appear safe to me, either one of them could win. He, he I think we agreed on that one! Can’t wait to hear them sing disco next week!

Thanks for tuning me in with your favorite's. It's great to hear others reactions to the show!

Sue said...

I don't like this save thing. I wouldn't be happy about it if I were the contestants because that means one of them will be voted out. It should go by the votes not the save. Matt was voted out, he should've gone. Now next week two people will be voted out anyway. I hope it's Matt & Anoop.

Luv a Bargain! said...

I love American Idol too! I felt exactly the same when they saved Matt last night. I think they just thought it was time to use that power. My fav's are Danny, Lil and, of course, Adam. LOL about Chris. You just reminded me of this name:)

MakingMoney said...

Sue, yes I think the save is a distraction for the show.What happened to letting the fans decide, the show is contradicting itself now. I couldn't believe they told Matt they didn't think he could win, but yet they felt it was right to use the save on him?? Just weird. Your next two to go, might just be the two, will see!

Luv a Bargain, I know isn't that something to refer to the save as power, lol. Thats funny!! I bet Danny and Adam are going to make it. Lil has to give that wow performance again, because she been in the bottom too much lately. He, he about Chris. :)

Cashmere said...

I didn't follow this season's AI at all.. Did manage to catch a few episodes bits here and there.. But I can remember a few of the contestants..

Andrea said...

Disco night's tomorrow! :) Thank you for the comment on my blog about the babysitter - you are right, she has ended up being perfect for us! Hope you are having a great week.

MakingMoney said...

Cashmere, I just can't stop watching. I don't watch much T.V but I love AI!!

Andrea, I'm tuned in to AI right now, ready to see them boogie down. My son had music therapy today and we got back late, which we normally do. Thank goodness for DVR though!! I'll have to rewind to see LIL.

Welcome and I'm glad the new sitter is going well, that's great to hear, enjoy the rest of your week. I been napping as it's been raining since Sat night here.

Nessa said...

Hi! Greetings from Malaysia :)

I'm an AI fan :) I'm glad the judges used the Saved option for Matt. I would vote for him if only they allow votes outside the USA. I hope he'd stay on much longer.

My faves are Adam and Allison.

Michelle said...

I love American Idol, but I haven't' had a chance to watch it this season. It seems soon as the weather gets nice I have never ending things to do. I'm glad to hear that Jennifer Hudson is doing so well. What a tragic thing to lose her loved ones like she did. Thanks for the update on the show and for your wonderful comment on my site. You're a sweetie!

Life must be lived as play said...

i love this american im sure that adam lambert will be the winner.. what u think huh?

MakingMoney said...

Nessa, Hello greetings to you as well!! Can't say much for Matt as I'm not a fan of his, but your top two is my top two! :) I don't know if Allison will make it threw though.

Michelle, I'm the same way with the change of weather, so I understand! I don't tune in to many shows, but have to watch or playback me some idol! You're welcome and thank you!

Life must, yeah, Idol rocks!! All I'll say is that if Adam don't win, I'd be surprised!