Tuesday, April 7, 2009

My scattered thoughts

Hello, me again, still here! :) I just wanted to pop in today with some of my random (scattered) thoughts. One things for sure is that the blogosphere is forever changing. With the bat of an eye it almost seems something new has emerged or something that was once popular has changed. Not quite sure if these things occur for the better or the worst.

I have long lost my popularity ranking with entrecard sine my dropping rate has significantly declined. In fact my profile reads just here for the view, at the most I was once a dedicated dropper with a hint of addiction. I decided not to leave entrecard in it's entirety. Mainly because there are many great blogs on there that I enjoy reading, so why not drop and read with them as time allows. Anyways I logged in today for the first time in a bit and was surprised by the amount of pending ad's awaiting my approval. Surprised because I've been inactive and my ranking is way low. I've just learned of the changes with something on the level of paid ad's or so... I approved quite a few just for many more to appear and noticed my earned credits for accepting ad's didn't increase. Don't know how all this is working and I'm a bit lost with all the changes. Guess I have some updates and announcements that I need to read over as a result of my being away....

What's up with all the spring snow? When we left IL to FL it was snow on the ground and we made it down there sporting tanks and shorts in the gorgeous Florida sun and 80 degree weather. How funny it was when we came back home once again to snow on the ground. So, yes we enjoyed our vacation in Orlando and Tampa. I'll be making another post with more details on our vacation and upload some photo's to share. The vacation was much needed and very much enjoyed, we had a great time.

I also discovered that instead of my page rank going down it actually went up. I have a google page rank of 2 now. Don't know how this works either, but I'll gladly accept this finding!! :D


Davida said...

Yep! There have been LOTS of changing in the blogging community since you've been away. Most of the today.com blogs are no longer with Entrecard because of Today.com's policy, some of the today.com blogs have jumped ship from Today.com altogether and gone to Blogspot, a lot of bloggers, even with their own domains, are upset with the Entrecard paid ads that don't help the actual bloggers so they've left Entrecard... It's been crazy... like office politics with no office.

I actually created a second blog: http://movieconnoisseur.blogspot.com--which has the entrecard widget. I'm not sure if I'll keep it there because of the paid ad changes. I just have a wait and see how everything goes attitude. Glue 4 Families will no longer have the widget after today.


MakingMoney said...

Davida, oh no sorry to hear the entrecard change has affected your blog in that manner. It just seems to me that the quality level and readership will diminish with all this paid ad changes, one shall see I guess.

How cool and congrats on starting a new blog! Looking forward to checking out your other blog and of course I'll still be an avid reader of glue 4 families. Love reading your insight on family issues!!

We ran into each other on entrecard, but it surely won't end there and thanks for continuing to read with me throughout my dry spells of blogging! :)


Michelle said...

I'm also confused with the changes at EC. I'm going to stay with EC for now and see if they work the bugs out. Like you, I enjoy visiting all the blogs associated with EC. Sounds like you had a wonderful vacation. I love Florida. There's snow on the ground in my part of the US too. Isn't it spring yet? LOL!! Thanks for stopping by my place and your great comment about EC. Glad to know I'm not alone in this confusion.

MakingMoney said...

Michelle, I'm beyond confused with ec, lol. So, you are so not alone. I hope things get sorted out for the best with them.

It is very funny to hear the weather forecast mention spring snow. There is so much to love about Florida. And as always, you're welcome, you're welcome!