Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Spring is in the air

What a beautiful few days we had; nothing like a little sunshine to brighten a day! We have been having some wonderful weather lately as the spring is nearing. Bring on spring break! I surely can’t wait. Although, I can’t believe it’s been three weeks since my last post, I’ll save the excuses as busy life, busy times, and move forward. I’ve caught up with my classes, what a relief and next week is my spring break woohoo! My kids go the week after next and we’re headed to Disney World, yea! I know I deserted the premises, but I hope I haven’t lost and alienated all my readers.

Spring is definitely in the air! I see my tulips starting to come to the surface. I wish I was able to bloom many more different flowers but these thumbs of mines isn’t quite so green. My pc virus is finally cleared away. I had to reformat my hard drive back clean and to its original state out the box. It was a pain, but the pc is back up and running.

On a sadder note, rip to Natasha Richardson. At the age of 45 her beginners ski lessons ended tragically after a fall accident resulting in a fatal head injury, so sad. I remember her most from the movie Parent trap, with Lindsay Lohan. I liked that movie. She was so young, condolences to the family.


Cashmere said...

Oh... Disneyworld! That's so exciting! Have fun when you're there.. :)

attygnorris said...

I feel really bad at what happened to Natasha. I hope her family is being comforted by spending time with each other during this time.

On a brighter note, it was a nice 77-degree 1st day of spring, here in TX.


Michelle said...

Sounds like you have some well deserved fun time ahead. Disney is such a fun place to visit. Hope you you have a fantastic time. Thanks for stopping by.

The Fitness Diva said...

The weather turned back cold here today, so I'm mad! lol Can't wait for spring to get here!

Like many of us, Natasha was just trying something new and expanding her horizons. Too bad she had to die doing it. I relate because I'm one that's always willing to try something at least once.
Everyone seems to have great memories of her, and I'm glad that they do. Still is quite the tragedy, though...

Anonymous said...

Happy Spring! And advance happy trip-get-together.. (~_~)

MakingMoney said...

I know my follow up reply to you all is late, sorry about that, but thanks much for the comments from you all.

Cashmere, thanks we had a great time in disneyworld, I will post more on it very soon.

attygnorris, what a great first day of spring!

Michelle, yes indeed the fun time was needed. We did have a fantastic time!

Fitness Diva, I know it is pretty scary at the attempt of trying something new. As tragic as her death was though maybe it will shed light on others to try and be more protective and wearing safety gear.

Cacainad, Happy Spring to you too and thanks for wishing us a happy trip!

Happy Spring