Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Pull yourself together Fantasia Barrino

Was up watching the early morning news and I'm saddened to hear of American Idol season 3 winner Fantasia Barrino hospitalized after an alleged suicide attempt. Apparently she overdosed from pills. And supposedly just recently rumors emerged that she made a sex tape with a married man. As an adult I surely believe in the saying "you layed in the bed now make it", as in take responsibility for your actions. Of course with that being said I don't know of any truth to the rumor. But I do know it doesn't take much to have your name and image dragged through the mud. Why give the media the chance to do it? Think!

Come on Fantasia pull yourself together girl! I have been a fan since the show and still is. I've purchased all of her Cd's and is anticipating the release of her new album Back to Me on August 24th, not to mention I read her book Life Is Not a Fairytale. Tell me it isn't so, why would you want to take your own life? Look how far you have come. Just take a moment to look back on your life then and now. I know the celebrity lifestyle isn't a easy one. Your privacy is pretty much gone out the window. You have the paparazzi and reporter's patrolling just about everything you do, especially the negative. Most importantly take a long look at your daughter, look into her eyes. Would you really want to leave her motherless? Whatever it is you're going through, rise above it! Keep it positive and I'm wishing you a speedy recovery! Sing Tasia, sing to yourself, to your daughter, to your mother, to your brother, to your fans, just sing girl!!! Wishing you the best!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Intex above ground pool with the saltwater system

Being in the pool is always fun during the hot months of summer. It's great to have a pool right in your own backyard. It can be costly going to swim in public pools. Where I live we have to pay on average $6 per person just to swim. I know much of this cost is due to park districts offering slides and then the prices are more upward of $9 per person. We previously purchased Intex Easy Set 15-Foot-by-42-Inch Round Pool Set a few years ago and it only lasted us two summers before we ending up trashing it. We were spending more time patching up leaks and wasting money on chemicals trying to keep the water clean. After so much patching the top inflatable ring, wouldn't hold up anymore and we putting air in daily. We did enjoy the pool at first, the durability of the pool just wasn't good, as it didn't last long for my family.

I thought I would never purchase another large size pool mainly due the fact that my water bill roused drastically from steady refilling the pool with water as all the chemicals and filter with the pump that came with the pool just wasn't getting the job done well enough. After hearing about a way to keep the pool clean using salt it sparked my interest into purchasing another pool. So we decided to purchase the Intex 15-Foot-by-48-Inch Round Metal Frame Pool Set which looked to be more sturdy than the easy set. At first it was difficult for us to find level ground away from the trees in our backyard. After a couple of trys we settled on an area that wasn't perfectly level, but probably as close as we were going to get. The difference in the water level when filled is about 3 inches from one side to the other, so fairly even enough.

Well I shall say that I am very pleased with both pool and salt water cleaning system. We have been enjoying our pool all summer. So far it's been filled for 6 weeks and we haven't had to change the water, which is great because I know the amount of water that it took to fill this pool has increased our water bill, but in the end we are having clean safe water, not to mention tons of fun while not having to purchase gallon's and boxes of chemicals to use. We had a hard time finding the "actual" pool salt, but to my surprise after searching all over the internet we decided to do like many others and purchased a few 20 pound bags of Morton Solar Salt and it has worked fine. Added benefit is soft water in the pool, very relaxing and not rough on our skin. It has been working great, we set ours to run for 6 hour's overnight with the timer, and purchased a separate timer for pump that came with the pool. We have also been changing the filter every 2 weeks. It's not salty at all. I am pleasantly surprised and happy with both purchases.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Giving home canning and preserving a try

I really think I have a new hobby and I'm enjoying it! It all started last year when I first gave backyard gardening a try. It didn't turn out very well, but it was indeed a learning experience, nonetheless. I figured out some, do's, don't's, spacing and etc... There is just no better tasting vegetables than freshly grown veggies. We go to the farmers market often. I am absolutely in love with tomatoes and will bite into them and eat them just as I would a apple. Not the one's from the grocery, but the one's from the farmer's market & now hopefully as I begin to harvest them from my own small backyard garden this year, yummy!!! They are so delicious!!!

So, after taking much liking into gardening, what comes next? Learning how to enjoy those fresh flavors all year long. With that being said I went and purchased me some supplies so that I can do my own canning and preserving at home. I have to get a few more things and I shall soon be on my way, yay!!! I already made my first batch of pickles from the cucumbers in my garden. Needless to say they didn't even last a week. We were so shocked at how great they turned out. I plan on making a few batches this week and at least two of the jars I'm hoping to keep sealed for 2 weeks without getting eaten, lol!! I know I won't have a large harvest, so I do plan on steady shopping with the local farmer's to help me get a nice stock.

This is tasty & enjoyment all put together, not to mention learning!! I can't wait to try out some of the recipes I've been finding and share them with my family!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Flip Flop Saturday

It's that time of year again. Old Navy will be having another one day wonder doorbuster sale on solid colored flip flops for only $1.00 while they last. This Saturday 5/22 be there when the door's open or don't go at all, unless you're lucky. At the Old Navy near me, they be gone with the snap of a finger, as if they were free. I would be more interested in going if it was a weekday sale, but a Saturday I'll have to pass. Tried before and the racks were completely empty and I went like 30 minutes after opening. I like Old Navy flip flops. In fact they were the first flip flops I've ever worn in comfort. Happy shopping if you can grab them. I know there is a limit and I believe that is five.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Congratulations Lee DeWyze

I really think he will be the next American Idol winner. After watching the three finalists tonight I think he is the best. I didn't have a favorite this season.. I didn't vote this season.. I loved Big Myke when he sang Maxwell, then my ear was taking a liking to Crystal Bowersox for awhile. Nothing much more to say. If next week is anything like this weeks, Lee DeWyze will be the winner. That's my prediction! :)

Monday, May 17, 2010

Ready for another vacation

Vacations can be really nice and we always take at least one every year. It doesn't matter if it's near or far from home, just being away from home is such enjoyment. Not that I hate home, but it just feels so good to get away. Anything from a short weekend getaway to so far our longest has been a week. I may get homesick for anything longer than two weeks, but we will give that a try one day hopefully.

We enjoyed our first cruise so much and I just can't wait to take another one. Just so much on the daily schedule to see and do, fun filled day's. It gives me something to look forward to throughout the year. Taking classes full-time is really starting to become strainious, especially with majority of my classes being online. Not to mention juggling family life. I have so many day's of running around, doctor appointments, play day's, team sports, and threapy with my oldest son. My family has truly been such a motivation for me. My husband is very supportive and I appreciate everything that he does from cooking meals, to getting the boys up for school in the morning all while getting ready for his busy work day. I spend many late nights up doing homework and he just lets me sleep late most of the mornings. My middle son really made my day one day when he told me how proud he was of me for going back to college. I had to hold back my tears because he truly touched me. We all spend time together at the kitchen table working on our homework together some days, then we end up pulling out monopoly or the uno cards!!! So why am I so ready to escape on a vacation?? I don't know.

Maybe it's the housekeeping service. Having someone clean your hotel suite or room everyday or maybe not having to cook breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Could it be all the keeping busy with fun activities all day long then exhaustion by night, just to get up and do it all over again?? Lol!!

We still haven't stayed at an all inclusive resort before, but I hope to one day soon. They would surely have to have some type of camp program for the children, because we have never gone on a vacation without the boys before. This may change soon hopefully if this complimentary cruise with airfare that we received from an entry goes through. It's only for a weekend, so we are going to try for it now and hopefully get a babysitter when the time comes. I'm just so ready to pull out the luggage, gas up the car, and just drive down the highway to somewhere sunny with warm beaches and great food!! So many places that still I want to visit. I'm so ready!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

American Idol is going down

American Idol has been my favorite show to watch on t.v. since it was in season two. I used to hate to miss an episode... Since we've had our DVR I found it to be the best thing since Dove's chocolate bars ;) I miss Idol, no big deal I'll tune in to it later at my discretion, cool!! I know I've been slowly complaining and fussing since like the last three seasons including this one. But, this time it's serious, no small talk jive.

What has gone wrong?? Too many changes maybe?? Paula Abdul gone & replaced by Ellen Degeneres. Not to mention Kara DioGuardi is still new and fresh on the scene. Plus Simon Cowell will be leaving the judging arena. I will miss his brutal honesty.

Season 9 has been a blah.. The four finalists are great singers, but I don't get any enthusiasm from them.. This whole season has been boring and die hard fans like myself are trying to continue tuning in for the sake of it getting better. I think my favorite reality show needs to say goodbye and come up with something new because it is continuing to go downhill. I'm no coach potato and don't watch much t.v but Idol was once upon a time my favorite reality show.

As for tonight, I thought the duets were nice, especially with the guitar team up of Casey and Myke being my favorite of the two. I haven't even called in to vote, nor have I rooted for anyone this season. Come on idol pick it up..

Friday, April 30, 2010

Pit Bull Takes a Mad Dash

Imagine a dog running across a high traffic highway during the morning rush hour commute, stomach clinching is how I saw it. I didn't repost the actual video because for one it's about three of them. This is the Pit Bull mix now nicknamed Eisenhower which is the name of the highway it was spotted on.

Poor doggy entered the highway two days in a row. He has been safely captured by police and being treated for his completely worn paws, along with dehydration and exhaustion. No identity is known for the running unneutered, no collar, or micro chipped dog. He's such a cutie and I'm glad he is getting the treatment he needs after easily submitting to the police, well after they cornered him in. But this could have had a tragic ending. Lot's of calls to adopt the pooch has been made and hopefully he will be placed in great care this time, so no more highway running will occur with him! The video and more on the rescue is here

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Newbie at Gardening

Do you really have to have a green thumb to grow a beautiful and healthy garden?? I need to borrow one, that's for sure. Every time I try to spruce up my yard with some pretty flowers they either look good one year, and return to look horrible the next year because the weeds just grow like crazy around them. I find planting bulbs to be the most work, but they come out looking so much better, versus when I plant seeds because they grow here, there, everywhere without any design. Maybe I'll have better luck growing with pots. Another thing that's funny is I hate when I plant flowers that just attract the hugest bee's. I'm so afraid of bee's. I've never been stung (knock on wood) but I am very fearful of being around them when they like literally starring you in the face.

Last year was our first try of veggie gardening!! We grew some tomatoes and pepper's with a little bit of luck. The parsley grew easily and is already back this year and has tripled!! Planted some spinach and broccoli for the experience sake of it and no they didn't grow well, but it was fun watching them. We started some seed's indoors this year, same as last year. Unfortunately, they didn't survive not really sure what happened this year, other than the occasional shirt thrown over them while in the kitchen window.

Now it's too late to start indoors so we'll just sow them directly outdoors. This year were trying tomatoes and peppers again, plus some cucumbers. I can't wait to pickle me some cucumbers. It's almost planting time!!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Trip down memory lane

Well I surely has some updating to do, asap!!! Blog makeover is in need, ya think?? Yikes!! Happy Spring everyone or anyone out there!! One of my favorite seasons of the year. A break from old man winter, beautiful flowers, leaves on the tree's again, and the perfect time to get working in the garden. This year will be my second year at our "attempt" to grow a small veggie garden, wish us luck we need it!!

Life has been busy, I'm now in school full-time instead of part-time. I'm over halfway done now, so almost there!! Between having fun with snapping & sharing pics, to the not always fun template changing with my blog combined with my interest in marketing I'm finally working on my major. Looking to tap into some creativeness, since it surely isn't jumping out of me by it's self. But my passion is screaming it's there & waiting to explode :-) Multimedia Design is where I'm taking off too!!! The hubby, boys, and dog are all doing well. Happy, active, and keeping me busy as usual!!

We've had some fun vacations recently, yippee time for another one now, please!! Went on our first family cruise together. When I say family, I mean family roughly about 30 of us, more or less??!! Flew into Miami and it was beautiful there. Stayed over night in a hotel & created our own poolside party, fun!! Went sailing out into the Caribbean and truly had the time of our lives in the Bahamas!!! The kids enjoyed the camp aboard the ship and us adults enjoyed many activities with and without our children. Just so nice, that we are already planning for cruise number two. The food was delicious and included in the cost, so we ate our hearts out, but the cocktails were on the high side, yikes.. Wanted the boys to really enjoy their first trip out the country, so we decided to surprise them with a limo ride to the airport!! I'm so ready to escape back to paradise, until next time, fun, fun, fun!!

I'm learning how to use Adobe Creative Suite and I'll be sharing some designs once I get the hang of it!! My hat goes off to those that learn all these software on their own. Right now I'm struggling with it.. Well happy blogging!! Enjoy your spring and have a great day everyone/ anyone out there??!!!