Tuesday, May 11, 2010

American Idol is going down

American Idol has been my favorite show to watch on t.v. since it was in season two. I used to hate to miss an episode... Since we've had our DVR I found it to be the best thing since Dove's chocolate bars ;) I miss Idol, no big deal I'll tune in to it later at my discretion, cool!! I know I've been slowly complaining and fussing since like the last three seasons including this one. But, this time it's serious, no small talk jive.

What has gone wrong?? Too many changes maybe?? Paula Abdul gone & replaced by Ellen Degeneres. Not to mention Kara DioGuardi is still new and fresh on the scene. Plus Simon Cowell will be leaving the judging arena. I will miss his brutal honesty.

Season 9 has been a blah.. The four finalists are great singers, but I don't get any enthusiasm from them.. This whole season has been boring and die hard fans like myself are trying to continue tuning in for the sake of it getting better. I think my favorite reality show needs to say goodbye and come up with something new because it is continuing to go downhill. I'm no coach potato and don't watch much t.v but Idol was once upon a time my favorite reality show.

As for tonight, I thought the duets were nice, especially with the guitar team up of Casey and Myke being my favorite of the two. I haven't even called in to vote, nor have I rooted for anyone this season. Come on idol pick it up..

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