Friday, April 30, 2010

Pit Bull Takes a Mad Dash

Imagine a dog running across a high traffic highway during the morning rush hour commute, stomach clinching is how I saw it. I didn't repost the actual video because for one it's about three of them. This is the Pit Bull mix now nicknamed Eisenhower which is the name of the highway it was spotted on.

Poor doggy entered the highway two days in a row. He has been safely captured by police and being treated for his completely worn paws, along with dehydration and exhaustion. No identity is known for the running unneutered, no collar, or micro chipped dog. He's such a cutie and I'm glad he is getting the treatment he needs after easily submitting to the police, well after they cornered him in. But this could have had a tragic ending. Lot's of calls to adopt the pooch has been made and hopefully he will be placed in great care this time, so no more highway running will occur with him! The video and more on the rescue is here


The Fitness Diva said...

Awwwww, poor baby. I'm glad to hear that he was rescued and is now receiving good care. It's so sad when these poor animals get turned loose into the streets. Glad he's doing okay.

Naye said...

Hi Fitness Diva!! Yes it truly is sad and I'm such a pet lover. It made me happy when he was rescued!!