Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Trip down memory lane

Well I surely has some updating to do, asap!!! Blog makeover is in need, ya think?? Yikes!! Happy Spring everyone or anyone out there!! One of my favorite seasons of the year. A break from old man winter, beautiful flowers, leaves on the tree's again, and the perfect time to get working in the garden. This year will be my second year at our "attempt" to grow a small veggie garden, wish us luck we need it!!

Life has been busy, I'm now in school full-time instead of part-time. I'm over halfway done now, so almost there!! Between having fun with snapping & sharing pics, to the not always fun template changing with my blog combined with my interest in marketing I'm finally working on my major. Looking to tap into some creativeness, since it surely isn't jumping out of me by it's self. But my passion is screaming it's there & waiting to explode :-) Multimedia Design is where I'm taking off too!!! The hubby, boys, and dog are all doing well. Happy, active, and keeping me busy as usual!!

We've had some fun vacations recently, yippee time for another one now, please!! Went on our first family cruise together. When I say family, I mean family roughly about 30 of us, more or less??!! Flew into Miami and it was beautiful there. Stayed over night in a hotel & created our own poolside party, fun!! Went sailing out into the Caribbean and truly had the time of our lives in the Bahamas!!! The kids enjoyed the camp aboard the ship and us adults enjoyed many activities with and without our children. Just so nice, that we are already planning for cruise number two. The food was delicious and included in the cost, so we ate our hearts out, but the cocktails were on the high side, yikes.. Wanted the boys to really enjoy their first trip out the country, so we decided to surprise them with a limo ride to the airport!! I'm so ready to escape back to paradise, until next time, fun, fun, fun!!

I'm learning how to use Adobe Creative Suite and I'll be sharing some designs once I get the hang of it!! My hat goes off to those that learn all these software on their own. Right now I'm struggling with it.. Well happy blogging!! Enjoy your spring and have a great day everyone/ anyone out there??!!!


Andrea-Memories As A Mom said...

Wow, hello! It has been a long time! I wondered where you went, LOL, I'm glad everything has been going well! Thanks so much for the nice comment on my anniversary post :-) Congrats on all of the changes the past year!

Naye said...

You're welcome Andrea and thanks so much!!! It has been too long.. I have some catching up to do! Nice chatting again!!