Thursday, April 29, 2010

Newbie at Gardening

Do you really have to have a green thumb to grow a beautiful and healthy garden?? I need to borrow one, that's for sure. Every time I try to spruce up my yard with some pretty flowers they either look good one year, and return to look horrible the next year because the weeds just grow like crazy around them. I find planting bulbs to be the most work, but they come out looking so much better, versus when I plant seeds because they grow here, there, everywhere without any design. Maybe I'll have better luck growing with pots. Another thing that's funny is I hate when I plant flowers that just attract the hugest bee's. I'm so afraid of bee's. I've never been stung (knock on wood) but I am very fearful of being around them when they like literally starring you in the face.

Last year was our first try of veggie gardening!! We grew some tomatoes and pepper's with a little bit of luck. The parsley grew easily and is already back this year and has tripled!! Planted some spinach and broccoli for the experience sake of it and no they didn't grow well, but it was fun watching them. We started some seed's indoors this year, same as last year. Unfortunately, they didn't survive not really sure what happened this year, other than the occasional shirt thrown over them while in the kitchen window.

Now it's too late to start indoors so we'll just sow them directly outdoors. This year were trying tomatoes and peppers again, plus some cucumbers. I can't wait to pickle me some cucumbers. It's almost planting time!!

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