Monday, August 2, 2010

Intex above ground pool with the saltwater system

Being in the pool is always fun during the hot months of summer. It's great to have a pool right in your own backyard. It can be costly going to swim in public pools. Where I live we have to pay on average $6 per person just to swim. I know much of this cost is due to park districts offering slides and then the prices are more upward of $9 per person. We previously purchased Intex Easy Set 15-Foot-by-42-Inch Round Pool Set a few years ago and it only lasted us two summers before we ending up trashing it. We were spending more time patching up leaks and wasting money on chemicals trying to keep the water clean. After so much patching the top inflatable ring, wouldn't hold up anymore and we putting air in daily. We did enjoy the pool at first, the durability of the pool just wasn't good, as it didn't last long for my family.

I thought I would never purchase another large size pool mainly due the fact that my water bill roused drastically from steady refilling the pool with water as all the chemicals and filter with the pump that came with the pool just wasn't getting the job done well enough. After hearing about a way to keep the pool clean using salt it sparked my interest into purchasing another pool. So we decided to purchase the Intex 15-Foot-by-48-Inch Round Metal Frame Pool Set which looked to be more sturdy than the easy set. At first it was difficult for us to find level ground away from the trees in our backyard. After a couple of trys we settled on an area that wasn't perfectly level, but probably as close as we were going to get. The difference in the water level when filled is about 3 inches from one side to the other, so fairly even enough.

Well I shall say that I am very pleased with both pool and salt water cleaning system. We have been enjoying our pool all summer. So far it's been filled for 6 weeks and we haven't had to change the water, which is great because I know the amount of water that it took to fill this pool has increased our water bill, but in the end we are having clean safe water, not to mention tons of fun while not having to purchase gallon's and boxes of chemicals to use. We had a hard time finding the "actual" pool salt, but to my surprise after searching all over the internet we decided to do like many others and purchased a few 20 pound bags of Morton Solar Salt and it has worked fine. Added benefit is soft water in the pool, very relaxing and not rough on our skin. It has been working great, we set ours to run for 6 hour's overnight with the timer, and purchased a separate timer for pump that came with the pool. We have also been changing the filter every 2 weeks. It's not salty at all. I am pleasantly surprised and happy with both purchases.

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