Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Pull yourself together Fantasia Barrino

Was up watching the early morning news and I'm saddened to hear of American Idol season 3 winner Fantasia Barrino hospitalized after an alleged suicide attempt. Apparently she overdosed from pills. And supposedly just recently rumors emerged that she made a sex tape with a married man. As an adult I surely believe in the saying "you layed in the bed now make it", as in take responsibility for your actions. Of course with that being said I don't know of any truth to the rumor. But I do know it doesn't take much to have your name and image dragged through the mud. Why give the media the chance to do it? Think!

Come on Fantasia pull yourself together girl! I have been a fan since the show and still is. I've purchased all of her Cd's and is anticipating the release of her new album Back to Me on August 24th, not to mention I read her book Life Is Not a Fairytale. Tell me it isn't so, why would you want to take your own life? Look how far you have come. Just take a moment to look back on your life then and now. I know the celebrity lifestyle isn't a easy one. Your privacy is pretty much gone out the window. You have the paparazzi and reporter's patrolling just about everything you do, especially the negative. Most importantly take a long look at your daughter, look into her eyes. Would you really want to leave her motherless? Whatever it is you're going through, rise above it! Keep it positive and I'm wishing you a speedy recovery! Sing Tasia, sing to yourself, to your daughter, to your mother, to your brother, to your fans, just sing girl!!! Wishing you the best!

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Andrea-Memories As A Mom said...

I actually didn't know this until reading it on your blog! I was sad, too, being am a fan of her's (she was the first AI contestant I voted for, the first year I watched). I have since read more about this and agree with everything you wrote. I really hope she gets out of this funk, especially for her daughter!