Wednesday, May 20, 2009

American Idol Shocker

Wow, I have to weigh in on the American Idol Finale, so if you haven’t seen it live already this is a spoiler. First, I thought Tuesday night final performances we’re the most boring of all the American Idol seasons, neither Kris nor Adam knocked it out of the park for me. (as Randy says, lol) The song chosen to be their new single written by the new idol judge Kara DioGuardi was not the best song selection to produce a top selling hit off of. (to me)

To the contestants, I would have been more enthused if the finals were between Adam and Danny as in raw vocals vs. raw vocals, not karaoke, as in Kris. Sure Kris is cute and charming, and yes he is talented. He plays the piano, he strums the guitar, but his singing is just mediocre (as Simon says, lol). Seriously though it’s like all his note’s stay the same, his range is very limited, and that bores me. I liked a good three songs he sang all season long, all the others made me yawn terribly. Why was Simon still in his seat after the announcement of him as the winner, or why did Kara say that her selection as his single was too high for him? I still can’t believe he won. Then again yes I do believe it as Popularity does overpower the true meaning of the competition. Being that Kris made it as far as he did I saw it coming, reminds me of another Sanjaya, just a little more talent worthy.

Moving right along, tonight’s season finale was by far the best I’ve seen. I had a great time watching all the fantastic performers and duets. The return of the idols and they all did great. I almost got up to dance when Danny and Lionel Richie performed. Lil Rounds and Queen Latifah blended nice together, but I think Mary J. Blidge would have really hit it off with her. Black Eyed Peas and Fergie did an outstanding job. Kris and Adam we’re nice together singing with Queen. (I liked that) Then I think Kara really humiliated the bikini girl. Was that part of the show or was bikini girl really shocked when Kara came out singing behind her? The award ceremony was nice and humorous!

Now comes the disappoint, Adam didn’t win American Idol. Oh well I bet he’ll out sale Kris by the albums and tour’s. I can’t wait to buy his cd, despite his loss. He tore the roof off with his duet with Kiss and I’m not even a big fan of that style of music, so Adam really drew me in. My boys started doing cartwheels off that performance; I was just looking in awe like alrighty then, (rock fans) rock out, lol. It was a fun performance to watch.

Well, well, well, I guess I will tune it to another American Idols Exclusive, “So You Think You Can Dance.” Its okay, but not a show I like to follow every episode. Till next time American Idol, looking forward to that Adam Lambert cd!!!! Even Kris thought you deserved the title, but rock on!!!!! Even though I found it a boring ending to a superb final night, congrats to Kris Allen the underdog / dark horse and his adoring fans for his win. (see, I'm not a sore looser) ;)


Cashmere said...

Haha! Believe it or not, I have the same opinions as you... I think Adam should win.. The finale song is not a good song.. To me, both didn't sing well. AND I really think that the bikini girl was slightly pissed because Kara stole the limelight and over-powering her voice.. lol!

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, Idol is a popularity contest. I do not watch the show but on some entertainment news they always do the recap and Adam was great from the clips. There is a conspiracy, for lack of a better word that Adam was voted against because he is openly gay. That could be absolutely true. Who gives a damn if he is homosexual, the boy can sing. A lot of other outlets have been discussing why he lost and some polls show that it was because he was gay. Who knows. As you said MakingMoney, he will outsale the other dude. (see, I don't even know his name)

Andrea said...

Hi there, how have you been? Well, I have to disagree (my post on American Idol is Although I loved Adam and think he has an excellent voice and is talented, his style is just not the type of music that I listen to or the CD that I would buy, so that's why I voted for Kris. It has never been a popularity contest for me like what anonymous said. I've always been very serious about voting for whose song I'm going to turn up on the radio. I thought both seemed like great guys if we were voting on personality. I could care less if Adam is gay. From talking to others I know who voted for Kris, it was based on the style of music as well. Each year it seems like a different "style" wins, which I think is a great representation of America. We've had a rocker, we've had country, we've had R&B, etc. I missed the first two seasons but I voted for Fantasia, Carrie, and David Cook (the season Taylor won I wanted Katherine after Chris got kicked off, and when Jordin won I had voted for Blake). I can't really think of any other winners that were like Kris, so it's nice that each year is different. Anyway, I do agree with you that it was one of the best finales! :)

Naye said...

Cashmere, oh wow haha!! The finale song is the worst ever. Too funny with bikini I thought it was planned at first, but obviously it wasn't, Kara was way out for that one, haha!

Anon, ;)I do think popularity plays a dominant role in American without a doubt, not just this time around, but in the past as well. That conspiracy has been all over the news this morning, and I hadn't thought about that issue until then. I'm sure some based their vote upon that. Just as the Miss America controversy the same. Just recently there's talk about Clay Aiken dissin Adam after comparing the two, yikes. What can I say I'm a fan of his and he rocks. I often forgot Kris name too until it got to the end rounds, lol! (boring)

Andrea, hi, I have been fine, enjoying my break, napping, and relaxing before my summer class starts up next week. Thanks for asking! We disagree for the very same reason just with the different idol. Like Kris style of music I don't care and wouldn't listen to it, so obviously liking Adam he got my vote. I do think popularity plays a role in general with AI. I tuned in at season 2 and voted for Ruben, Fantasia, Bo Bice, Taylor, Jordan, and David Cook. As far as winners like Kris it seems that he was just okay, and far from the best. I could have went with Danny or Allison over him. I think Adam stepped the game up for AI from this season on out. Take risk, change things up, sing, perform, just have fun and have your own style, he stood out, but perhaps too far for some. It was the best finale though, I enjoyed it and still look forward to next season!! :)

Michelle said...

I've been a little behind on the American Idol scene. I think it's the warm weather. All I want to do is hang out in the warm weather. I haven't been watching TV very much lately. Thanks for the update.

Naye said...

Michelle, you didn't miss much with this season to me. The finale was great, but the overall season was just okay, too many changes going on I think. I just love the spring weather, summer can be unbearable at times. We are usually indoors by 7pm on school nights though, our buses start arriving at 7:15am, so they retire early. Enjoy the weather while it's great!!!