Thursday, December 18, 2008

Drew Peterson in the news again

In a nutshell Drew Peterson age 54 a former police sergeant made the news headlines when his 23 year old wife Stacy became missing back in 2007. Till this day she still remains missing.
Kathleen Savio, Petersons ex wife before Stacy was found dead in the bath tub of their home once declared accidental has now become the investigation of homicide. Drew is a suspect involved with both of the above.

I know life goes on and everyone has to live their life but can somebody just say creepy to this. Peterson has recently told reporters that he is engaged once again to a 23 year old, by the way she would make wife number 5. Then he goes on to say that he is tired of all the media attention but couldn't help but laugh as he said “letting the media into his wedding could come with some perks like free photographers and videographers“. He has quite a sense of humor.

How can someone feel safe and secure in the arms of a man with so much revolving around him? The father of his current fiance says he is trying to talk his daughter out of all this, he even went and paid Mr. Peterson a visit to tell him to take his ring back. Mentioned was that Drew has been promising his new lover many materialistic things. Which is more valuable life, safety and well being or money for crying out loud? Now that really wasn’t all in a nutshell either.


Nilz said...

Wow! I agree. Lots of fun ahead. Cheers.

MakingMoney said...

Nilz lol at fun ahead, one things for sure is that it will surely be lot's of attention ahead.