Sunday, December 28, 2008

I so love the Wii

I really really do love it!!! I purchased one for my kid’s family this Christmas. We were due for an upgrade and hadn’t had one since the play station 2 and Nintendo game cube. Finding out that the wii played the game cube games was really a plus as well, since they have many games for it.

I find the Wii to be a great family system. I love the fact that majority of the time while you’re playing you’re up and on your feet moving about as opposed to just sitting back being a lazy spaced out couch potato. I have really been having a good time these past few days since Christmas playing the games with the boys. We all stayed up super duper late last night including the hubby playing golf on 4 players. Like what I don’t even play golf in real life but I must admit the game is very fun and makes me feel like a Tiger Woods in fantasy land, lol.

Thing is though that while yes it may seem like a great low cost budget system compared to the Xbox 360 and Play station 3 running at about $250 but jeez how about after purchasing 3 additional Wii Remote Controller at $40 each plus the 3 additional nun chunk controllers at $20 each, not to mention the classic controllers running at $20 each, plus the other little accessories like the sports pack Wii Grand Slam Sports Pack of baseball bat, golf club, tennis racket, driving wheel, charging system etc.. Okay yes granted these extras aren’t required but yet they are a kicker to have as they are fun and stimulating as in making you feel like you’re actually playing the real thing, virtual reality. Now what I didn’t get but think I really want is the Wii Fit!

It comes with wii sports which is cool, the basic sports of bowling, tennis, baseball…. We love Harvest moon and Animal Crossing: City Folk as well alot together helping each other out with it. Then comes my oldest boys with their WW Smack down vs. Raw (something wrestling) they get to slamming their knees into the floor so hard, jumping, yanking arms and all to the point that I have to tell them to take a real deal chill pill as in give it a break son…. Anyways I highly recommend the system!!

Do you or your kids enjoy the Wii, Xbox 360 or Play station 3 the best? What are some of you or the family favorite video games to play?? Yes I’m still a kid at heart :)!


attygnorris said...

I don't have one yet (and don't really know much about it), but I've heard a lot about wii. My hubby dropped a little hint that he would like one, so I'll probably get one for him soon.


rsonline said...

We also have a Wii (as well as Playstation 2 and 3, Gamecube and a bunch of Nintendo DS's).

We agree that the Wii is a good amily system, we all love it!

We find the most addicting (and funnest) game is Guitar Hero.

We have two guitars so we can duel each other. It is a blast!

Cashmere said...

Aaah... I don't have Wii & I definitely have yet to try it. I believe Wii is definitely good and useful for family fun and bonding.. I'm actually a Playstation fan.. hehe! ;P

MakingMoney said...

attygnorris, it is a pretty awesome system I say get him one sooner or later and you yourself just might enjoy it as well together, you'll never know. I find it very entertaining for any age group!

rsonline, wozza lot's of games, lol in addition to the playstation 2 and gamecube we do also have gameboy advance, ds and a family friend gave us an xbox last year. Guitar hero is so so much fun, we have it for the playstation 2 though and not the wii just yet!!

Cashmere, I been a fan of playstation for a long while but the wii so rocks, at first I thought it was just another over rated game, but it so rocks!!

Preston said...

My daughter's boyfriend has all the systems including the Wii. They love playing it but I've never played it. I have a playstation II that I haven't used in years. I'm not much of a game system person although, my good friend Scott has Guitar Hero and I do play that when I'm over his house.

Stacy's Random Thoughts said...

We have a Wii and love it! We also have PlayStation 2 and GameCube, but Wii is our all-time favorite. It really is a fun 'family' game, so rather than only one person playing at a time while everyone gets bored while watching, we all get to participate. It's hilarious watching our 6 year old bowl - she does funky dance moves, waves her arm wildly, and gets a strike! Hubby tries to do her same moves and throws a gutter ball...heh, heh! What I really like about it is you aren't parked on the couch simply moving your fingers to play a game, you have get up and move!

monica said...

Hey, I think your site is cool so I have chosen you for an award. Check it out!
Happy Wii Year!!

Cashmere said...

Oh hey... Forgot to mention that I love playing Harvest Moon & Animal Crossing.. But I play them on my NDS Lite. Still playing Animal Crossing now.. lol! You must love The Sims too?

Oh anyway, wishing you a Happy New Year to you and family.. May the new year brings you more happiness.. :)

MakingMoney said...

Preston, I do find some games to be much fun. Guitar hero is surely one rockin game it's hard to stop playing it once you get started on it.

Stacy, the Wii is absolutely our all time favorite already as well. Kids are always the cutest bowlers, lol I can picture your husband trying to bowl like your daughter, great family time game!

Monica, Thank You!! I will come check it out.

Cashmere, I sure do love the sims myself. We been playin Harvest moon for years now with all the different ones made, and animal crossing since the gamecube, plus the ds as well. Thank you and Happy New Years to you as well!!!

ciara said...

my husband bought ME a wii for christmas. no extras. but i did purchase the fit this past sunday. omgoodness, i love it. i am sore. i haven't exercised on it today because of the soreness, but i will later. i don't want to lose my momentum! i have to slowly build up my games and controllers lol my girls have original xboxs and a ps 2. stepson has xbox 360 his mom's side of the family bought him. rock band 2 and guitar hero world tour band kit are musts! love those games!

one thing about can't be a couch potato w that one! :)

p.s. the kids are already trying to take over my wii hehe

MakingMoney said...

Ciara, I'm so jealous I want the fit myself but did buy the Wii mainly for the kid's. It seems cool to get a workout on while playing for fun, I so want to try it out. I agree no couch potato with the wii.