Saturday, December 13, 2008

Jesse Jackson Jr. Says clear his name

Well actually his words were that he wants his name back and is trying to stray away from the linking’s of him as candidate #5 in the whole corruption charges of IL Governor and him possibly being one of those bidders for Obama Senate seat involved in pay to play politics.

If by slight chance you’re wondering who is Jesse Jackson Jr. he is a current member of congress from IL and is the son of civil rights activist Jesse Jackson Sr. founder of rainbow/operation push.

Tisk, tisk, what’s new so many politicians are dirty and corrupted to the point that it’s almost the norm. Even the spotlight revolving around this case leads many to question our current President Elect Obama and his staffers and any involvement or wrong doing pertaining to this. Please don’t let it be.

It’s sad to say but with so much going on at once NO I wouldn’t be surprised if any found cases end up being linked with any connections with Obama or his staffers although I don’t think anything will likely be linked to Obama himself as I think he is too smart of a guy to fall into this trap. A politician is a politician though and I surely hope Obama isn’t involved in any of this wrong doing because I myself look forward to the day of having him serve as our commander in chief.

As for all this hype going on with Blagojevich, Jackson Jr. and Obama or his staffers who knows, but they surely know their own involvement.


Preston said...

I think you are right, Obama is too smart to be caught up in something this stupid. He didn't get to be President by making dumb decisions and I don't think he's going to start now. I hope JJ Jr. isn't part of all this because he seemed to be moving in the right direction and it would be a shame if all that was derailed.

attygnorris said...

I hope Jesse Jr. is clean in all this and he can be publicly cleared soon. And, if he's guilty of wrong-doing, I hope he is dealt with.

Thanks for the comment about enjoying my blog. I will never forget that you were the first one to acknowledge it with an award.


MakingMoney said...

Preston I know and I just think its so low in Politics. So far the latest news is that Obama and his staffers are in the clear on this. It would be a tremendous shame for Jackson.

attygnorris I don't know whats going to become of all this for Jackson as he is strongly speaking out trying to clear his name but apparently tapped conversations are reportedly pointing towards him. Sad, sad, sad he has done so much and I recently hear that someone may have tried to set him up for all this.

Oh and thanks and you're welcome!