Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Blagojevich appointment of Burris to the Senate plus Rush

I was dropping by a political blog today that I had been reading First door on the left and it was the first of the breaking news that I heard of Blagojevich appointing President-Elect Obama senate seat to Roland Burris, although he is dealing with the possibility of himself being impeached, he is only carrying on his lawful duties as Governor, he mentioned.

I just have to add my further 2 cents to this announcement in regards to the way Bobby Rush carried on. I do not completely disagree with the message of Bobby Rush on race, but I do think there is a time and place for everything and his timing to me was off. Firstly, I thought Burris looked rather out of the picture in the whole accepting of the senate seat as he just willingly passed what was supposed to have been his spotlight onto Rush when he asked him to come up and speak. If I was Burris I would have preferred someone to speak more on me as a person, American, a human being or more on my actual credentials.

Secondly Rush should have found another opportunity to address his feelings and support of seeing another African American in the US Senate. I whole heart him and his feelings of sincerity on this, but he appeared to me as if he was saying that the race of the candidate is more significant than the actual person fulfilling the duties and the legal appointment from the appointer, and as if (not accusing Burris of any wrong doing) but it’s like he is ready to demand this appointment regardless of the current allegations of the Governor playing pay to play politics, simply because he feels the Senate seat of one African American should be passed on to another African American. Oh really is that how this all goes?

Is my views twisted or am I just looking into this all wrong? What do you think? Who would have taken the spotlight so diligently if the appointee wasn’t an African American, to defend the Governor’s selection? Was that really caused for from Rush?

article on Cnn

*A brief update into all this.*
Senate majority leader Harry Reid is still standing by his previous position along with the senate that Roland Burris still faces a slim chance of being sworn in with the rest of the Senate. He did recently say that he will talk with Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell and that hopefully there is room to negotiate something, perhaps Burris as just a Senator-Elect with little privileges who knows.

Meanwhile (D) Representative Bobby Rush of IL continues on with the racial terms portraying the Senate as “the last bastion of racial plantation politics in America.” I feel he really needs to stop this. Myself as a black of course I think it would be great to see another black take a seat in the senate, but I seriously think no matter whom tainted Blagojevich chose they would still be facing the same current problems as Burris, so the aspect of race is absurd to me. Burris himself seem pretty confident in becoming the next Junior Senator and I do think he will sooner or later be appointed somewhere down the line and if not let’s remember it was said before hand that the senate wasn’t willing to accept the appointee from Governor Blagojevich while this investigation is still underway. Well well well what a mess in Illinois politics right now.

1/6 Roland Burris has been denied the US Senate seat on to the courts he goes.

1/15 Roland Burris get's sworn into the Senate.


Nique said...

Burris is a wannabe. He has the credentials but never had that "it" factor. He has ran unsuccessfully for governor three times and has never made it past the primaries. This does not mean he himself is not successful, but he just doesn't have the "umph" for lack of better words. I watched him yesterday on the Rachel Maddow Show on MSNBC yesterday and he doesn't really address questions well. I don't know much about him politically (I know his previous titles, but how has he been proactive in making life better for people of Illinois) so I think that my judgement has been tainted by who appointed him. There is talk that the U.S. Senate will not accept the appointee. Bobby, Bobby, Bobby!!! What the H-E-double hockey sticks?????????? First, I hope that his ramblings are associated with his recent illness and not by his actual feelings. It was very inappropiate for him to be up there speaking in the first place. The press conference was the worst I've ever seen as far as organization goes, but then to have Bobby Rush to come up there was awful. Yes, Burris appointment will have more African Americans in the Senate, but will Burris have an impact. It was just awful and it makes Illinois look corrupt altogether. Stay tuned, the show will continue

MakingMoney said...

Nique, yes it is still unbelievable that Blagojevich went on ahead with appointing Burris and it just threw him there in the midst of all this kaos. I think Burris knows it was'nt wise for him to accept the nod, but he did. I agree terrible press conference. Okay he has passion to see another black in the senate, which is cool I don't knock him for that passion of wanting to see this, but he coming off as if that's supposed to be everyone's passion or duty of some sort which is where I completely disagree with that notion. This is going to be a show that I will be following and thanks for stopping by and commenting!!