Wednesday, October 1, 2008

American Idol’s Jennifer Hudson Debut Album

Jennifer Hudson American Idol contestant native of Chicago IL debut album under Arista record label hit stores yesterday. With songs featuring Fantasia Barrino season 3 Idol winner, Ludacris and T - Pain. I remember watching when she was once mentioned as the 3 divas during the season referring to her, Fantasia and La toya London. I haven’t purchased this cd as of yet but I have listened to it. It’s just okay to me.

I actually just heard of its debut today on the radio while driving in my car. Wow she finally makes her debut album after what 4 years, hum? Well I do have to give her props though for someone that was the 6th runner up on American Idol season 3 she seems to be doing rather well for herself to say the least. She was actually voted off the show but came back as a wild card pick. I wonder why they stopped doing those on the show. I remember Clay Aiken was a wildcard comeback pick that went on to do very well with his album.

She also won several awards for her debut actress screen role in the movie Dreamgirls as Effie. Not to mention that she was also the 8th youngest actress to win a best supporting actress Oscar at the age of 25, the fourth African American to win an Oscar in such a competitive category. She became the first African American singer to appear on the front page of vogue magazine and the third African American celebrity to be on the cover of Vogue with Halle Berry and Oprah being the other two.

She is now engaged to David Otunga better known as Punk from the second VH1 reality TV show of I love New York and Ms. New York may be better known for her appearances in the reality TV show Flavor of Love competing for the love of the hip hopster Flava Flav.

Jennifer Hudson singer actress model you go girl! Jennifer is a powerhouse no doubt there she can sang.

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