Friday, September 26, 2008

McCain will show for the Debate

Well it appears tonight’s first Presidential debate will go on as planned tonight in Oxford, MS 9 pm est. McCain originally announced that he was suspending his campaign and wanted to postpone the debate to return to the White House to focus his attention towards the big $700 billion bail out plan dealing with all the Wall Street financial messes currently going on. Well there is still no agreement reached but McCain has decided that he will be attending the debate tonight and resuming with his campaign plans. Obama had already committed to being present for the debate. His response was that you should be able to multi task. For some reason I knew all along that McCain would show up for this debate tonight. I couldn’t imagine him wanting to allow Obama all that media spotlight attention for himself, especially after his poll numbers have been gaining more grounds. Both candidates where present at the White House discussing the bail out talks yesterday. This shall be an interesting debate to tune in to tonight.

Also voter registration is coming to an end, so if you haven’t registered what are you waiting for? I'm not the one to persuade and push politics on anyone but I do think everyone should place a vote for the candidate of their choice. Express yourself, let your voice be heard and use your right to vote in this election.

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