Friday, September 5, 2008

My husbands yummy spaghetti salad

This is a recipe that my husband has became famous for. No matter which holiday or special occasion it is this is the most highly requested dish for my husband to prepare. We have been teasing everyone for years as to the recipe for his hit making spaghetti dish. We call it spaghetti salad because it can be served hot or chilled either way its delicious. Haven't met a person yet that dislikes this dish. Some have turned their nose up at the appearance of it but after tasting it, they absolutely loved it.

My husband is the type that just cooks as he goes along so measurements may not be accurate as he really isn't the type of cook that takes the time to measure his ingredients when he cooks, so you may have to play around with it until you get it right to your tasting but after several requests here goes directly from him:

1 small box of spaghetti (he prefers thick)
1 can small peas (drained)
1 can original rotel
1 can cream of chicken
1/2 box of Velveeta cheese (sliced in chunks)
1 red bell pepper (finely diced)
1 green bell pepper (finely diced)
salt & pepper to taste

Let the spaghetti boil in water that is already hot till it begins to get a little fluffy then add all the ingredients to the pot and boil uncovered stirring occasionally. Cook until pasta and vegetables are tender and the cheese has melted forming a creamy spaghetti salad. Eat up and enjoy there is no such thing as leftovers with this dish because it leaves quick even when we double the recipe.

I will update this with a photo the next time my husband prepares this, so for those whom haven't tried or heard of this dish bookmark my page and be sure to check back if you have any concerns as to how it's supposed to look once it's done. I hope you enjoy it!


Ridiculous Shopper said...

Nothing better than a hubby who rocks in the kitchen! Mine is a great cook too. I love when he does the cooking. I get a real meal since I hate to cook! We are lucky girls indeed.

MakingMoney said...

Yes indeed ridiculous shopper lucky girls we are indeed. It is a wonderful thing when you have some help in the kitchen especially when its good cooking, and no fussing in doing so. I enjoy cooking, but it is nice to get a break. I've taught him some things and he has taught me some things as well in the kitchen.