Friday, October 3, 2008

Good bye Summer Hello Fall

Although it’s already starting to feel rather wintery in the Midwest during the early am and late pm brrr!! It’s almost about that time to crank up the furnace. We got a brand new high efficiency furnace put in our home over the spring so I’m eager to see how that baby is going to work and cut down on our heating bill. I will be keeping my eye out for that decrease.

This is the start of my clean closet weekend as I call it. Do you pack away summer / winter clothing when the seasons change??? I’m such a shopaholic (for bargains and deals that is) that I have to clear away the summer clothes into totes and space saver bags to make room for our Bulky sweater and winter gear. I t makes it easier to find what you’re wearing for the day especially for my boys, the less clutter the better organized things are.

Sometimes I place my boy’s outgrown clothing for sale on ebay, Craigslist or sell them through consignment shops or resellers and well there are times when I just feel like the heck with it. It’s time to clear house and I donate them which is easier. I have a scheduled pick up in 2 weeks with Amvets so they gotta go gotta go gotta go right now. I hate to feel cluttered with unnecessary things.

Well fall it fall it is time for all leaf raking. It’s fun at times!


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