Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Obama Election night event tickets

This is so surreal to me I got my email invite to the Obama Biden Election Day celebration early yesterday evening. I contemplated hard as to if I would plan to attend this event here in IL or just watch it from home. Regardless if Obama wins or loses I’m still excited to see the outcome. While trying to make up my mind I thought about how the annual events in the downtown area can be like the annual Taste of Chicago which gets seriously packed around the 4th of July with people from all around the world coming out to have their taste at the different food venues set up and to enjoy the fireworks from the lake. When dealing with these large turnouts it never fails to be some type of violence and terrible traffic. Well just as soon as I decided that I wouldn’t miss this moment of history on Election Day and that it would probably be very unlikely in my lifetime that I would see another moment like this occur so yes I decided that I would plan to attend.

I remember hearing my grandmother speak about her days of picking cotton in the fields and my great-aunt speak about herself marching with Dr. King in Alabama, these are all significant surreal memories they were able to personally share. Now here I will be attending an Election night celebration event in honor of Barack Obama the first successful African American to make such history right before my very eyes. I praise him for making it till the end and I have praise that he will still be standing tall and hopefully with a victory in the end.

Unfortunately for me though I didn’t check my email messages until early this morning and when I went to reserve my ticket the return message was “sorry there are no more tickets available for this event.” I should have known that. Oh well tickets gone in less than 24 hours. While this event will be held at a huge park I might still go to see the turnout of outsiders like myself trying to look in, just the presence alone excites me, but not as much as it would have if I actually had a ticket, so maybe I’ll go snap a few pictures and head home early or maybe I’ll just stay home altogether I’m back undecided we‘ll see.

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