Friday, October 17, 2008

The final debate Obama and McCain

Well as they say three strikes and you’re out, winner of the final debate goes to Obama. Although it’s clear that majority of people say whomever they support is the clear winner of the debates. Obama supporters say Obama wins, McCain supporters say McCain wins and so on. Polls of polls give all 3 debates to Obama though. I must admit for a second there I actually thought McCain was going to pull off himself a final victory and win the final debate, wrong. He started off rather strong and aggressive for quite a while putting Obama on defense a bit, too bad it couldn't continue on and pull it off for him, McCain tactics wore off and grew rather dull as he kept trying to avoid the real issues in our society and rather stick to his hurt feelings on the campaign trail as if trying to gather sympathy vote’s for his hurt feelings lately, well newsflash McCain did you expect running for Presidency to be a walk in the park and a easy fight, politics is tough as usual and if you cant handle the heat get out the kitchen, stop wasting your chance’s to appeal to a national audience about how you’re going to bring about reform by tossing in the kitchen sink hoping that Joe the unlicensed plumber is going to fix it as he mentioned Joe name repeatedly throughout the debate.

I find it rather odd that Joe whom seems to be a supporter of McCain all along to trying to blast Obama about his taxes being raised when the national average salary for a plumber is in the $40K range and Toledo, Ohio avg salary in the $40K range as well meaning your avg “Joe the Plumber’s” would most likely get a tax cut if anything under Obama’s plan. Make’s one wonder just what was Joe’s motive’s here? I thought McCain was going to shed a few tears when speaking of Lewis and his comments, not to mention Acorn and accusing them of voter registration fraud, he failed to admit that while yes they turned in some bogus registrations, yet this is required by law in many states that they must turn in every single card regardless and if the elections officials let Mickey Mouse pass their eye’s then they obviously wasn’t doing their job, which was the case with some Acorn workers getting paid to register voters but instead they were creating false card’s while stealing $8 hourly from Acorn.

I think we totally lost the fighter pilot when they began to discuss health care and education. McCain may have done himself well with conservatives on the issue of abortion but what about those independents. In all I do have to salute McCain for at least coming out stronger in this debate and finally standing up for himself as not being Bush. That part was so funny to me I nearly fell out my seat he tried really hard to put on that tough guy image telling Obama he should have ran 4 years ago if he wanted to run against Bush. He looked like he rehearsed that one liner all night. Reality check for McCain is rather he like it or not it’s hard to separate him from Bush policies when he voted with bush 90% of the time, so why should we expect such reform and improvement from the Maverick now.

You know it’s rather silly to me the things you find out when you do a little fact checking into these issue’s. I can’t deny that both candidates are guilty of stretching the truth during these debates, that’s another reason why I don’t understand for the life of me how someone can actually make up their mind whom they’re voting for after watching these debate’s maybe a little influence so to say of who to lean toward, but a complete decision making change, hum alrighty then.


Anonymous said...

After Palins generic foot in mouth syndrome I think the Mccain camp can kiss the Presidency goodbye..and goof riddance too!
It's me from qiman's world heheh

MakingMoney said...

Lol jenai at "foot in mouth syndrome" I think it's over for the McCain camp too at least I hope so, we have to wait it out (sigh) Politics.

Marianne said...

It is interesting that according to the CNN salary survey the national average pay for expereinced plumbers in the 75th percentile of the pay scale is $44,281. Not enough to hit $250,000 by far.

MakingMoney said...

You know what Marianne it's even more interesting that Mr. Joe voted Republican in the primaries. I saw during an interview he told the reporters that he hoped he wasn't making a fool of himself.