Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Rainy day family crafting

Well we had a very rainy yesterday, rather gloomy, windy and chilly. My son enjoys art and being creative very much. He asked me last week to take him out for more crafting supplies, but I had 50 million things going on and didn’t get around to it. Next thing I know my other boys started in on me about the supplies and just our luck while looking through the Sunday ad’s I noticed that both Michaels and Jo-Ann Fabrics had great sales going on, so I finally got around to take them shopping yesterday when they arrived home from school. Thankfully the rain had let up from pouring down to just drizzles.

We went to both store’s since they are both in the same shopping plaza. They had fun looking around at the wonderful project ideas and the final decision came down to jewelry making. So, I let them pick out some beads, and the other needed supplies and we made it home just in time for dinner. We had leftover roast beef, with potatoes and macaroni and cheese. Since they had me out all evening my husband actually made it home before us so he did the honor of reheating our dinner and had everything ready for us when we made it in.

I thought the boys were probably tired out from the shopping in the rain and would maybe want to wait until today to begin their projects, wrong. They were full of energy and after brushing their teeth, ready to get started. Okay, so we having so much fun that we didn’t realize bedtime were approaching. Every time we got near the end of stringing up the beads we would lose them when it was time to tie the cord and have to start all over again, It was so funny watching them as a little frustration began to sat in, lol. I guess next time I’ll know to get the wire or more string cording instead of the stretchy kind. We’ll be at this again today because after for what seemed like the 20th time of beads flying off the cords Dad finally gave us a helping hand with tying the knot‘s for us. He got one done and we cheered yeah!!!!! But, not the other so we had to call it goodnight for the boys, to be continued today…….


Preston said...

Rainy day crafts are the best!

Lori said...

Jewelry making is a great rainy day activity for kids (and adults).

Isn't it great to find deals at your favorite craft stores?

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Brandi said...

you have an award... come over and visit me...

MakingMoney said...

Preston, our rainy day of crafting was the best.

Lori, I did enjoy it just as much and deals are always a great thing.

Brandi, I'm on my way to give you a visit.

Thank you all for stopping by and leaving a comment.