Thursday, October 30, 2008

Too old for trick or treating

Do you agree that there is such thing as too old for trick or treating? Some local communities are trying to ban trick or treating for kids age 14 and up except for those with special needs. Reason being is that they feel over 14 is simply to old to be out begging for candy and that most of them don’t even bother to dress up in a costume. Also because they were frightening residents by showing up as late as 11pm carrying large sacks for treats or with overly scary costumes on. Do you think its okay if the older child is out trick or treating with younger siblings or do you just strictly believe over 14 is simply to old. Do you pass out treats on Halloween?

Are you bothered with egg throwing in your community? It’s a shame that some stores actually have to go as far as to pull eggs from their shelves around Halloween and only sell them to adults if they ask for them. This is an attempt to avoid selling eggs to youth that wishes to throw them on Halloween. I think egg throwing is the most silliest part of Halloween.

Well there is no way I’m opening my door for trick or treaters that think they can show up at 11pm. I don’t really mind older kids trick or treating, until you see the same big kid trying to show up twice then I have to send them away, other than then I feel they just kids being kids trick or treating and it doesn’t bother me during regular trick or treating hours what about you?

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