Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving and the after rush

We enjoyed our Thanksgiving and ate a great feast. Afterwards the children went off to play and we adults still gathered around the dinner table full as bulls and moving in slow motion reminisced and laughed while talking about the older days within our generations.

My mother ended up tricking me into cooking up the chitterlings this year. I was supposed to buy them for her to cook this year but I wound up cooking them instead. I don’t mind cooking them but sometimes I just don’t feel up to the cleaning of them and when I do I like to buy them clean them then freeze them ahead of time and not the night before the holiday. In case some of you have never heard of chitterlings you can read more about them here but perhaps if you have a weak stomach I’ll just say they are pork. I know pork itself is pretty unhealthy and chitterlings is down right gross to many but I have been eating them for as long as I can remember and even as I got older I just continued on eating them. I can’t eat just no anybodies though so more often than not I usually do cook my own. They have just been traditionally served within our family once or twice a year at the most usually Thanksgiving or Christmas. I never knew the real meaning behind the tradition until I was an adult myself and I don’t think many others do, but despite what they are when well prepared and cooked I just love them with me some hot sauce.

It was almost midnight when our family members departed and after tiding up a little bit I went straight to sleep. I just knew I was going to oversleep and truly not make it out to go shopping this morning. Wrong, I didn’t even set my alarm clock my body just woke up and after sipping my morning cup of coffee I gathered the store’s I was trying to shop with all my items highlighted and off I went solo, leaving my purse at home and caring only what I needed zipped away in my pockets.

First stop was 3:45am at Kohl’s. They opened at four and I made it there in good time because shortly after I made it to the line to get inside the crowd was just coming and the line grew super long so fast. I was in and out of there as I only had to pick up one item so the line was like no waiting. I left there and headed over to Jcpenny and picked up quite a few items before making my final stop at Walmart. They opened their doors at midnight I believe but no one was allowed to grab any door buster deals till 5am. I arrived there at about 4:45 thinking I would probably get nothing since people were already inside so early but I figured I would try my luck anyway. I could not believe it that I got every single item off my Walmart list this year, that’s something I’m rarely able to do.

I even picked up a HDTV for my Aunt. I told her I would try to get it for her while I was out. Walmart was well prepared for the crowds this year, they even had the Police on duty inside the store mostly around the electronics though just incase a fight broke out I guess. Everyone was really waiting to grab those TV’s. Soon as the worker yelled it’s 5:00 you can shop people just dived into the TV’s I noticed everyone was reaching for the top TV’s so I just patiently watched as a few got cleared away then I slide my little self right under the crowd and came out with me a TV in peace. I heard a little commotion trying to get started as I was walking away but I didn’t turn back I kept moving right along. One guy that was also waiting but didn’t grab his laughed and asked me how did I get one? I just laughed back and told him I guess because I’m so little I slid in and out the crowd rather easily.

I loaded up my trunk and back seat with all my goodies and made it back home at 6:30 am in time to kiss my husband out the door. I waited for the boys to wake up and have their breakfast then I told them to come and watch TV in the family room and I laid across the couch with my blanket and pillow and off to sleep I went. I had to get me a nap in after that adrenaline rush.

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