Sunday, November 30, 2008

Aplogies for my recent blog errors

I never noticed after I made my most recent blog makeover that it appeared to show okay in FireFox, but it was all over the place in Internet explorer, my goodness. Why didn't someone send me a friendly hint comment or word to the wise that my blog was showing up as a hot mess? Lol! Apparently not all templates are compatible with all browsers, excuse me for not knowing this. (duh)

As you may have guessed by now No I'm not a computer suave techy type of person (doesn't it show) but I'm trying here so give me a pat on the back at least, okay lol! I'm going to get this all sorted out. I'm like super persistent and when something just isn't right I have to keep fooling around until I make it better or it nags at me.

Anyways If anyone has been visiting me lately (sheds tear) and was wondering what has been going on with all my many screw ups, you now know why, sorry about all this. I guess this one will just have to do, at least for awhile since it is showing fine in both my browsers, finally. (geez) Okay now I have to reload all my widgets but it's time to prepare dinner so I'll get to this later, at least I'm up and running again and looking better on the eye's, lol!!

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