Sunday, November 2, 2008

My Book meet got canceled

A friend and I started a book club almost a year ago. We both enjoy reading and would often swap books so we decided to round up some likewise readers for a monthly meet over appetizers and cocktails. The last couple of months our attendance has been dwindling down and yesterday we had our first official cancelled meet of which it was my turn to host. Do to the low expected turnout and transportation reasons this that the other it got cancelled.

Thanks to me for waiting around till the last minute to go out and grab the food and cocktails I didn’t go out my way to spend any unnecessary money preparing for the night. I for some reason had a funny gut feeling then I was also tipped off the night prior of the possible cancellation. Hopefully we will continue to get together for our monthly book meets if not it was fun while it lasted.


Petula said...

I am sorry it was cancelled. I like to read too and I was gonna start a book club, but feared the same thing. I hope it doesn't stop for good.

attygnorris said...

I'm sorry that happened. It's hard keeping something like that up, especially with the unpredictable life people have with children. I hope you're able to revitalize the meet!

Michael Wong said...

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MakingMoney said...

Petula I know it becomes hard trying to keep things organized and running. This was my first book club membership so I hope we get back on track.

Attygnorris yes isn't it hard trying to stay committed to things outside family life. You just never know and sometimes you just have no control over things. We did schedule our next meet so we'll see.

Michael Wong thanks for stopping by I'll view your blog, thanks.