Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Obama historical victory rally

I know some may have read my previous post about if I was going to decide to go to the Obama election night rally downtown. My plans when leaving home was to get downtown to be near the event and after getting with friends we decided to just watch from a nearby lounge. All around the town there was much excitement awaiting the results and when they finally came in everyone around us was jumping, screaming and crying as we celebrated this historical moment. Once he came on and began to speak everyone was so glued you could almost hear a pin drop and once again at the conclusion of the speech tears of joy and shouts of yes we did filled the room. When I got home I was so proud, happy and still full of excitement I was barely able to get to sleep. I woke this morning so hoarse I nearly lost my voice.


Pink & Green Mama said...

I was so tired the next day because we're in Virginia and stayed up to watch the results and hear his speech. We cried and laughed and cheered. The exhaustion yesterday was completely worth it, I felt like I was on cloud nine all day!

attygnorris said...

What an AWESOME time in American history! It was the right decision for the country and a personal and inspirational one for those of us who struggle daily for equality and feeling like we belong in this country. We have a lot of work ahead, but we can do it. Yes, we can!

attygnorris said...

Oh, I forgot to mention--

You've been awarded the Proximidade Award. Check out my blog post.

MakingMoney said...

pink and green mama I was so tired that next day myself I had to take a nap. I'm not used to staying out so late it was almost 2am when I made it home. We ended up mingling further into the downtown crowd after the speech before calling it a night, well worth it.

attygnorris totally awesome it was so breath taking to see so many people from all walks of life out together celebrating in peace watching history unfold. On my way to your blog!!