Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Home from a short hospital stay

My little slugger (6) had to spend the night in the hospital with his asthma acting up early Monday. We stayed in the ER for almost seven hours before they admitted him and sent him up to a pediatric room. In, addition to the long ER visit they kept him for 24 hour observation with an IV, steroids and breathing treatments. I am so tired who ever gets any rest when you have to stay overnight in a hospital. The patient does I guess, but not too often does the parent. No matter how comfortable they try to make your visit.

He ended up coming down with a virus that rapidly triggered his asthma and the breathing treatments I gave him at home just didn’t cut it for him, plus the virus made him run a high fever. At first they thought he had contracted the flu but it turned out that he didn’t, so it was lots of confusion. The peds dr. came down to see him in the ER before he was admitted and told me they initially thought he had the flu but turns out that he didn’t but it was indeed a virus just not the flu.

I stepped out the room after hubby made it up there so I could go eat and sit with the boy’s in the wait room for a little while. Hubby called my cell phone to tell me they were ready to take him up so we all headed to the ER to escort him up to the room before hubby and the boys went home to get ready for school the next morning. I noticed they had put a nose mask over my son and the transporter was wearing one as well, but no one mentioned why? We make it upstairs and the nurse was fully gowned, masked and gloved up still no one managed to offer at least a mask to my other boys so I’m finding all this to be weird. Now, after the nurse got his weight and we enter into the room she tells me my son will be in isolation and can’t leave the room and that they all will be wearing protective gear so that they don’t come in contact with and catch the influenza (flu). Geez, thanks for mentioning that it would probably be best if my other boys at least put on a mask or left the room to protect themselves as well, nobody wants the flu.

I tell the nurse that I thought he didn’t have the flu and she goes he does he has influenza flu A. I tell her the Dr. came down and told me it was confusion less than 15 minute’s ago so I ask her so are you sure? Meanwhile I told my hubby to head on home as it was getting late and that I’d call to update him. By now I’m getting teed off with all the confusion and instead of the nurse saying well let me double check and make sure, no she just arrogantly carried on that he has flu, so I’m thinking well maybe it’s the Dr that’s confused. It’s great to know that they taking precautions and all but this miss-information was killin me. A short while later the same Dr. comes in to check on my son. He confirms to me that my son doesn’t have the flu and that someone read the test wrong and something about the control test results showed positive but not to worry it’s not flu and that he would make sure everyone is clear. He mentioned how my son didn’t even have any flu symptoms and that he would have been surprised if he did have flu because he hasn’t had any flu cases this year.

Anyways he is doing better now and will be staying home from school for the week, of course.


Cashmere said...

Sometimes, confusion does happen.. It kinda sucks I'm sure.. Anyway, I hope your son has a speedy recovery. :)

Petula said...

Oh my what a rough time! I know how it is when you have a sick child in the hospital not only are you cold, tired, hungry and worried, but you want the best care for your child and a bunch of confusion is irritating. I'm glad it's straightened out and I hope you're about to get some rest. Warm thoughts your way that he continues to get better this week.

Princess Mina said...

My goodness, I know what's like being in the hospital as I was in and out as a child. I remember watching my mom stress over my health and trying to get information. I am glad your little guy is home and hope for a speedy recovery!

attygnorris said...

He has the flu...he doesn't have the flu...geez. You'd think a diagnosis like that wouldn't be too difficult. Poor baby...and mom. I know it's awful to have a sick child. I'm so glad he's doing ok.


Lola said...

So sorry to hear about your son being in the hospital. It's very frustrating when you are given 2 conflicting diagnosis.

I hope your son gets better quickly.

Stephanie said...

Sorry to hear about the hospital stay and the rough time that was had :( But at least the little guy is doing better!!! Asthma stinks :(

Kristine said...

Poor little guy. I'm glad he's feeling better. And thanks for your advice on my blog. :)

MakingMoney said...

Thank you all for wishing my son well. Asthma is really a stinker especially during the winter. He followed up with his Dr. Wednesday but he was still a bit wheezy so he has to go back for another checkup on Monday.

Thank you all!!! said...

Now who's the doctor? Everyone claims he/she is right. Worst of all when a life is at stake.

Mom said...

Isn't it just so annoying when the nurse thinks she knows more than you? I was in the hospital for 8 days with my husband this month, and we encountered a "know-it-all" nurse, too.

Very irritating.

I hope your son is doing better.

As a side note - the reason the nurses did not warn you about your other children is because if your son had the flu, the other children had already been fully exposed so there was no need to attempt to protect them from the virus.

MakingMoney said...

Sorry for not addressing everyone prior individually but I do appreciate all of the comment's made by each of you, I'm sure you've all had those days when there just isn't enough hour's in the day to do everything you intend to do :)

yeokeehui, yes not good, thanks for the comment!

Mom, thanks a lot and yes it was rather irritating. Thanks for the side note as well I guess that does make sense :) Thing is though why I was so concerned about him having the flu is because my other boys both have asthma as well just my little one has it the worst.

Therefore I would have made sure to double up their asthma med's to lessen the chances of their asthma getting as bad, since the flu and asthma is such a bad combination. Well at least I would have tried to be on top of their asthma needs. I guess it's just that communication goes a long way and being informed as well.

Thanks a lot for the comment yes, he is doing better!

Mom said...

A huge dose of compassion can make even the worst of situations easier to handle. Your nurses were dealing with the situation and not the person. It's easy to forget that there are real people to be dealt with, too.

Asthma is no fun, especially when you get sick. I hope your son is better now.

The Frugal Angel-Guided Psychic said...

I've been there with two with asthma and then we did have the "real flu" a few years ago... What a mess! I hope all is well and your little one is on the mend :)

Sandy said...

Yikes....trips to the ER are never easy. Been there lately with my mom, one doc doesn't know what the other one said. Mass confusion, happens far too often.

Hope everyone has recovered.


Michelle said...

Hope your son starts feeling better soon. Sorry you guys had such a rough nigh. As a child I had severe breathing problems. I remember many times being rushed to the hospital for breathing treatments. It's not fun. I've grown out of the asama in my adulthood. Though It seems to act up when I get sick. I have an inhaler for that.

MakingMoney said...

Mom, I think that's what sets some apart from others some are just naturally good at doing both. Either way though they took care of my son and he's doing better and being his lil old self again and I'm happy of that. Thanks a great deal for returning and leaving another comment.

The Frugal, thank you so much for commenting. He is back on the mend. The flu last's so long, I'm sure that was rough for you.

Sandy, thank you recovery is going well, much better now. I hope your mom is feeling better.

Michelle, I know that had to been scary for you growing up. Glad you've grown out of it. My middle son used to have it pretty bad now it rarely bothers him, although he does have an inhaler as well.

Thank you all for the comment!