Tuesday, June 9, 2009

You know its summer when

All the relaxing semi quiet places you normally frequent are over crowded and loud, although summer officially starts on what June 21st, it is officially the summer season as school is out, and so are the families in droves (including my own, lol).

I took the boys to the zoo on Friday and we picked up my mom to tag along with us, dad & my hubby were both at work. I purchased a zoo family membership, so our next visits for a year will be free. We packed the cooler with lunches and headed out. The weather wasn’t too bad it was about 80 degrees out. When we arrived at the zoo the parking lot was jam packed. As some schools in our area are still in, apparently between them and daycare centers it was like a zillion school buses filled with field trippers, therefore, that nice 80 felt more like a scorching 90 in the crowds. The crowds slowly started disseminating later in the afternoon, so we had a wonderful entire day outing at the zoo.

Next up, on Monday I took my 2 boys to get their physicals for next school year out the way early, so afterward we headed to a McDonalds with the R gym for lunch. Yikes! I would take them here sometimes and let them have fun playing around in the R gym, while I do some homework, studying, or just simply reading. Here we go yet again, another crowded parking lot. I circled the lot twice for a parking spot, and almost decided to just go home. I decided to wait around for a few moments to get a park and before I knew it someone tried to steal the park I was waiting for. I’m like geez what is wrong with people these days, did they think I was just sitting there sight seeing or something?

We get inside and the dining area was packed, but luckily we managed to grab a table for us to eat. Afterwards, the boys went and enjoyed themselves at the R gym. I think that is really nice free fun for a McDonalds. Inside the R gym they have a few basketball hoops and air hockey, (this is where you’ll find my oldest) then there’s the 3 story interactive play area with slides, and all sorts of things to climb and tumble on, they have a few games around to play as well, like skateboarding. I had to stand up in there for awhile before I got a seat.

Schools out, the crowds are in and you know its summer when (care to finish this statement if it’s officially summer in your part of the world)?


♥georgie♥ said...

Yes school is out and i am sooooo happy-even if i am just as busy as when school was in! Enjoy your summer the zoo sounds fun and our McD's dont have an RGym how cool that yours do

Momma Moe said...

...school it out, you know it's summer when...

Hubby, the SAHD, is going Bat-S**T crazy, BECAUSE school it out and he's home with all three boys ALL DAY! Can't wait for summer program and swim lessons to start in July!

Michelle said...

I can tell schools out too. The crowds drive me nuts. My little one loves those play areas in McDonald's too. We can never get her out of there. LOL! Thanks for your sweet comment regarding my little one. The surgery went great. Thanks for asking.


Leigh said...

You know it's summer when... The kids are whining that they're bored!

Naye said...

Georgie, it is funny how even though it's summer break, we still keep busy. Enjoy your summer as well!

Momma Moe, that is too funny, tell hubby to hang in there for a few more weeks, lol!

Michelle, I know the crowds drive me nuts too, it's hard to avoid them. My little one is the same way about leaving he he! So glad to hear the surgery went well!

Leigh, oh tell me about! I hear that oh so often as the days are longer, lol!

Andrea said...

That sounded like a fun day! (Even with the crowds) I'm sure your boys loved it. I need to take my son to the zoo again, I'm going to be sad when summer is over!

Naye said...

Andrea, It was fun, as they say if you can't beat the crowds join them, well join them sometimes he he. Summer is fun, there's just so much to do outdoors!