Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A Piece of Cake

This is my review of a book that I recently read. I personally consider it to be a very good book. It is a memoir called A Piece of Cake By: Cupcake Brown. Cupcake takes you through her upbringing from how she discovered the body of her mother to how she later learned the man whom she thought was her father truly wasn't. Once meeting her maternal father it didn't take long for her to begin to hate him. It was because of him that Cupcake was placed from foster home to foster home enduring rapes, beatings, starvings and far worst.

Cupcake did probably every street drug imaginable from PCP to heroin, weed, booze & pills just to name a few. Somehow though she managed to get married, hold down several jobs to waking up to find herself asleep & unconscious behind a garbage dumpster, it was then she new she needed serious help & was finally admitted into a drug rehabilitation program.

Despite all the drama and hardships in her life this memoir is indeed a very inspiring one. Never in my life have I cried from reading a book but the ending of this book took me there. It was just that good. Not to spoil the book I will end this by saying the book was a good read and the ending honestly just took the cake,
a New York Time's best seller!

I like this authors writing style. It would be nice if she was to actually write another book.

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