Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I need a green thumb

I wish I had a green thumb because I need one, my yard is so plain and simple. I don't why for the life of me that I cant seem to beautify my front yard.

I did initially hire some landscapers that came out redid my yard for me. I just told them to give me all bushes and shrubs something easy to maintain. They put down the weed fabric and rocks so it was going good for a few years, that was until I decided I was tired of my yard looking so dull and green.

I called myself trying to make some flower beds so I cut little small spaces through the weed fabric planted me some tulip bulbs, gladiola's and some potted pansies. Okay so they grew out pretty nicely, but the gladiola's didn't work to well they were
fragiler leaning forward, looking sad, so I decided to undo the bulbs so they wouldn't return this year.

The tulips are growing well they just don't last long. Needless to say I wish I never tried do it yourself gardening because I suck at it. I just had to battle the weeds yesterday
because they were starting to grow like crazy through where I cut the fabric so they took over my pansy bedding.

I just wanted to make my yard more colorful but it back fired on me. Now when it comes to indoor plants yes I do have a green thumb for that I love my indoor plants, but I need me a outdoor green thumb. My next adventure in my garden will be to
experiment with seed packets, bulbs are too much work, hopefully I'll get better results with the seeds than I did with the bulbs and potted pansy's.

This should be fun awaiting the turnout!

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